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[ More Machine Gun Kelly lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: 50
Lyrics for Album: Black Flag [2013]

Skit by Donnel Rawlings

[Hook: Machine Gun Kelly]

Ech, pimpin

I got fifty hoes on my dick ain't that some shit

I got fifty hoes on my dick ain't that yo' bitch?

I got fifty hoes on my dick, every one of them vouchin'

I got fifty hoes

You got fifty hoes?

Hold on I'm counting, damn

Fifty hoes, fifty hoes, fifty hoes on my dick x3

Fifty hoes, fifty hoes, every one of them vouchin', damn

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]

I got fifty hoes on my dick bitch

Fifty o's in my zip bitch

Burn the roof off this muhhfucka like I got fifty stoves in my whip bitch

We all smoking and driving

Might as well say that I'm flying

Might as well call me the pilot

Bitches in my cockpit I don't check mileage

I just fuck my ho like I'm 'sposed to

And when she bring her friends I fuck both

I brought the bitch to thanksgiving


Cus she fucks with me when I'm broke

Ain't nothing funny about the way I get money

And them Cleveland boys ain't no joke

I'm the truth and the truth is hard to swallow

So you better tell these bitches don't choke, echo

I got one bitch, I got two bitch, I got three bitch, I got four

I tell the fifth bitch to tell sixth bitch

to get the seventh bitch to bring mo'.

Ain't no hand cuffin cousin

That bitch ain't on parole

And pimpin ain't easy pimp but pimpin's all that I know, god damn

[Hook: Machine Gun Kelly]

[Verse 2: French Montana]

Ay ay ay ay ay Montana

I got fifty hoes on my dick

I got bout fifty hoes on that strip

I got bout fifty load in that grip

Ill put bout fifty holes in your fit

My roof way back

Montana stay strapped

Fuckin niggas hate that

Bad bitches play back

My pinky 80 stacks

Cash I'm coppin

Diamonds shining rocky ASAP

I told them I be pimpin on them bitches

You can call me pimping ken

I fuck em once and tell em go and bring a friend

She ain't seen a real nigga ball in a minute

She ain't seen that money stacked tall to the ceiling

White Maybach no roof in the ceiling

When I take em to the crib all the bad bitches with it

[Hook: Machine Gun Kelly]

Album Lyrics: Black Flag [2013]

Machine Gun Kelly
"Black Flag [2013]"

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11. Raise The Flag
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