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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: Home Soon
Lyrics for Album: Black Flag [2013]

[Verse 1]

They told me to write a soundtrack

For the kids who ain't have shit

No problem, flashback me 2006

Broke as piss, scraping bus fare up

Dolla fifty cents, get out of school and go to work

Matter fact fuck all this I quit

I got a dream that we gon change the world soon

And one day get the fuck outta this bedroom

Maybe write a song for the girl who cries when she thinks of her past

But just press play,

I tell her smile and then she laughs, look at that, yeah

Music makes the world go round

And the ones in search of freedom generates into a crowd

All it takes is one believer with a voice to introduce us to what's real

And since my throat is clear I guess that's why I'm here

*clears throat* chyeah

See my teachers told me go away to college

But what they don't tell you is ain't no guarantees if you're a scholar

Even with 18 degrees, you could be jobless with Uncle Sam in your pockets

So I said fuck my doctrines

Rapped and made more money than these doctors

Now one day ill be too fly

driving three girls in my four door

while these five J's make a fellowship of smoke rings

bitch I'm Frodo lost it all this year but bounced back like a pogo,



And we just watch the sun turn into the moon

Sit back and hope that these December nights turn into June

See it started as a dream, that dream came true

Send a message to my city tell them we'll be home soon, home soon


[Verse 2]

And I'm like what we waiting round for

Found something to celebrate now we on round four

Ground floor was the past now the sky is the limit penthouse edition

Exhibit a: a bunch of young muhfuckas livin

I used to hustle to get it

Used up all of my minutes

In hopes of one of my ex's telling me she owned a business

and heard bout my situation here's a check for a million

But this is reality and charity don't go to sinners

But clarity comes in pinners of marijuana and splinters

An absentee in attendance at all my high school events

I just wasn't fond of attention when all I had was resentment

I started out as a freshman and graduated a henchman

I worked my way up to Jimmy

Worked my way up the totem

And those who hated on me was just adding weight to my scrotum

See life is a poker game I got the hand now I ain't folding

I'm King Midas touch my future with this hand now that shits golden, whoo

One day ill be too fly

whippin three girls

in my four door

while these five J's

make a fellowship of smoke rings

bitch I'm Frodo lost it all this year but bounced back like a pogo,

man I swear to God


Album Lyrics: Black Flag [2013]

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