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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: Dark Side Of The Moon
Lyrics for Album: Black Flag [2013]


The dark side of the moon looks like an only child who cant fit into place

The dark side of the moon looks like a single mother bruises on her face

The dark side of the moon looks like somebody's sister yelling out "rape"

The dark side of the moon is eminent because you can't escape fate

Yeah, the dark side of the moon.

[Verse 1]

Tommy was young

Tommy had everything you could want as an adolescent except for having fun

Tommy was young

Susceptible to all the repercussions of being a drunk fathers only son

Tommy was dumb

Get your ass in that room till I come back you piece of shit

But dad would never come..

Tommy was dumb

Students would laugh at him and attack him after their classes

until Tommy would run

Tommy was numb

Too many years of feeling degraded

now hatred is the only feeling that comes

Tommy was numb

Fuck this

Ran into his high school

* click click *

Tommy's got a gun


[Guitar solo]

[Verse 2]

Hailey's in love

But Hailey's in 7th grade entertaining and dating a 21 year old scrub

Hailey's in love

Bailing on class to give him some action

in the back of his daddy's old truck

Now Hailey threw up

A couple weeks after their interaction, guess her man didn't use no glove

Hailey knew but

Couldn't bear it to watch the parents she loved and cherished

see their little girl knocked up

Hailey's school bus

Got the word about what happened

now even the faculty is whispering that she's a slut

Hailey's in love

But Hailey's more afraid of being hated

now her and her baby brainless in the tub, damn

Album Lyrics: Black Flag [2013]

Machine Gun Kelly
"Black Flag [2013]"

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