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Artist/Band: Montell Jordan
Lyrics for Song: Aight
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Montell Jordan

[Rap verse 1]

Hey girl remember me

I met you backing 93

Even then, I liked your style

And you got a little thicker now

See my name is montelly-yo

From the Westside of cally-yo

But you can call me big daddy though

Now peep game as I start to flow

[Verse 1]

Baby girl let me talk to you

That's all that I wanna do

I can tell your jeans are new

Just right

And I like

What you do to me

Everything that my body needs

So holla back, cause I feel the need

To turn you on tonight


You got what I need

I can see you in them right blue jeans

I been known to make a honey wanna scream

if you feel me, come holler @ me


you got what I need

I see you looking so fresh, so clean

I been known to make a nigga wanna fiend

If you feel me, come holla @me


[Repeat 2X]

[Rap verse 2]

What you know about the dirty south

Late nights at the waffle house

Bad girls that like to bounce

Atl, yeah

That's what I am talking about

Bankhead and krispy kremes

Cadillac's on 23's

Iced-grill that'll make you freeze

Damn, you know what I mean

[Verse 2]

Let me kick this one more time

Look straight into my eyes

When you touch me I cant deny

I get so excited

So, what's it gonna be

You wanna burn some calories

We'll hit the Swiss on Peachtree

You re gonna wake up next to me

[Repeat chorus]

[Rap verse 3 (Bonz Rap)]

M.J lets ride on this one

Doin 105 up 85

What you talking about

The dirty south, and you just entered the prise'

You gotta special way of making me rise

They playing your song you are turning me on

Showing the thong, dance wrong

When we are up in the club

I gotta dub and I am ready to cut

From S.C. to cali

Keep turning it up (it aint no game) what

She love the dubs on my truck, uh, uhmmm

Let me clear my throat

Keeping it country like chicken and dumpling

Rather have you humping on top of me

Helping Mr. Jordan keep the party jumping

And y'all know, I cant stop till be bottle empty

So turn it all around

From the back girl break it down

Your looking scrumptious now

Gotta hit it get it wow

[Repeat chorus 2x]

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan
"Other Songs - Montell Jordan"

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