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Artist/Band: Montell Jordan
Lyrics for Song: The Rain
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Montell Jordan




You hear that?

Can you hear that?


Ohh, ohh, ohh

Lying in my bedroom next to me

Nervous like a child playing hide and seek

I never knew how fast that your heart could beat

It's like it's your first time

But now that your intentions have been revealed

You wanna feel what lovers feel

There's no need to pretend if you don't know how

I'm gonna show you now

1 - Just say what you're feeling

Your secret is safe with me

Tell me your deepest thoughts

Whisper your fantasies

My love will never stop

I'll kiss you as every drop

Of the rain drops down

No, you're not dreaming

This is reality

More than you bargained for

All that you'll ever need

Everytime you come

It's like heaven opens up

And the rain comes down

First you'll feel all warm and tingly

Right before your legs start trembling

And you explode, from your head to your toes

You're feeling something that you never felt before

Together we'll experience the warmth inside

Until the very moment that we both arrive

You'll scream, shake and cry

Feeling so remarkable, it's hard to describe

Repeat 1

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Making love in the rain

Losing ourselves in the storm again

Goin' everywhere

This is the closest that we'll ever come to heaven


No you're not dreaming

Don't be afraid

This is the way we're gonna stay

No you're not dreaming

I'll keep your secret for as long as I am living (?)

Repeat 1 w/ad-libs to fade

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan
"Other Songs - Montell Jordan"

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