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Artist/Band: Montell Jordan
Lyrics for Song: True
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Montell Jordan

[Verse 1]


Girl I am down with you (true)

Are you down for me (true)

Can I trust you with my life (true)

That's how we supposed to be (so true)

We can get this dough (true)

Live out our wildest dreams (true)

Trips around the world (true)

Make love in Italy, yeah (So true)


Everyday and every night

You show me why

You are enough for me

So I am a be the one you need in return

Speaking truthfully


I'm down with a girl like you

Tell me are you down for me (true)

My baby is stacked, she always got my back

And I swear I could never lose that [repeat 2x]

[Verse 2]

Ooh, I have never met (true)

A sexy girl like you (true)

I never have to trip (true)

About you, and another dude (so true)

We can put in work (true)

But time will only tell (true)

If you are down for life (true)

Then it's us against the world (so true)




1 love, 1 love

You're lucky if you have just 1 love

1 love, 1 love

You are lucky if you have just 1

[Repeat 2x]


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan
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