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Artist/Band: Flobots
Lyrics for Song: Mayday
Lyrics for Album: Fight With Tools [2008]

born in the flood

bloody fingerpaint sets

blackmarketed fresh

water canons forget me not

epitaph airbrush with death

white t's

wife beaters

button up

reattach flesh

in between the lines

outside of the law

underneath the veil

we dig our foundations

we navigate the globe

trying to find a pattern to break the mold

with a family to feed

theres nowhere we wont go

but what if were caught

they say Im a snitch

shot at the check point

found with his throat slit

theres spray paint on the teleprompter

anchorman screams that hes seen a monster


theres bloodstains on his shirt


they say that hes gone berserk


when I wanna shut out this world

wanna rip up this page

wanna pour out this heart

wanna get up on this stage

and my lips become percussion

and my fists become the rage

and I pound on this table

til it gives me something to say

then I think about things that Ive seen

right in front of me

that I dont wanna believe

gimme one of these mikes

lemme letem know

the way that it is is not how its gonna be

not if we dont letem get ahead of us

the present tensions no threat

its just a fence across the path

that were already ready to walk

rock solid footsteps

letem put up obstacles

and prove that it isnt possible

fuck that

we dont giveem any weight

true liberty and freedoms at stake

peace will never become pass

live my life until my last day

it was half-past eight in the bat cave

when the cracks in the plaster collapsed

and gave way to gaps in the pavement

mayday mayday

put it on blast

for the passengers and messengers

cause this is a disaster

where the fuck are the rescue workers

not far

off pissing on a cop car

in the hall with a poptart

sipping liquor in the rockbar

everyone climb to the front line

lunchtimes canceled

all hands on deck to pull survivors from the landfill

onlookers, passers-by brush off your shoulders

shake off that rubble

break free from your standstill

signs of a better world

causes we understand

failures we expected to occur

and bring redemption for our sins

safety from the crowds

in the shadows on the run

we write our own psyber house

rules to keep alive

rituals that prove their worth

search for systems we can trust

rhythms we can lock into

this is madness salvage teams

can't bandage

hope when its damaged

or broken compassion

not enough rope in the van when

world is collapsing

our mode of action

broadcast through the glass

its all we can manage

donate with the plastic

scraps from the salad

hoping to balance

emotions invalidated

date on stage with 4:3 aspect

just ballast for sadness

lives shattered are standard

fear for for cameras and channels

stare no abracadabras

no faster answers

or mantras for disasters

remastered or plastered

got it all backwards

do you know the faction your backing

its another man down

another mother gone

child drowned

another silenced song


another kind of strong

I miss you

another strung along

missing in action

another page is blackened burned

turned to ashes to ashes

dust off the flags and the caskets

we will never find another you

despite the life of love we knew

these lightning times are trouble who

cant count the strikes that punished through

the bonds we thought would never break

and never will and never change and never fade

but there is the rage

of losing you to their mistakes

in between the lines

signs of a the next movement

refuge from the crowd

outside of the law

causes we understand

hands that trace

instructions for descendants in the

shadows on the run

underneath the veil

failures we expected to

occur and bring redemption for our sins

in between the lines

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