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Artist/Band: Flobots
Lyrics for Song: Never Had It
Lyrics for Album: Fight With Tools [2008]

i see you sit

and swallow pain

for all of those

who will not speak

you raise your voice

you fill the stage

your eyes are wide

you know the weakness

that you've felt

is not just yours

so many more

you're not alone

the song you sing is not your own

you fill the room with something real

youve never had it so you hesitate to try and find it

you listen carefully for whispers of what lurks behind it

you play the corners

never get too close to where it might be

waiting for you

never had it

keep on wanting something more

keep hiding the hope and than the pain is not yours

no ones holding a rope gotta pull up on your own.

all the songs have been sung

and all the doors have be closed

keep on wanting more.

i watch you wander through these halls

you slouch you shrug you shrink away

i call you stop you blink you pause

you wander who

you think the day

will never end

but when it does

you stay until the building's dark

you're on the bus

the doors are locked

you looked inside

but did not touch

youve never had it

but you know how to provide it so you

stand up and call for it

nervous describing what you go through

you dont wanna get caught up in all the

things they say to try to provoke you

dont need anyone to tell you

keep on wanting something more

Album Lyrics: Fight With Tools [2008]

"Fight With Tools [2008]"

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