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Artist/Band: Flobots
Lyrics for Song: Combat
Lyrics for Album: Fight With Tools [2008]

i know how to rip a mike different

i grip it like so

tight like a kryptonite with a bike pole

sparks from my lips ignite liquid nitro

no telling if it might blow

the environments' gotta be hotter

than solder beside the iron

zinc vitamins

hide'em inside when i'm writing the rhymes

it's hard to keep property guarded

because of these pirates

i motivate

no debate

we're takin it over

make no mistake

youre fake and there's no escape

cuz you got caught

frozen waitin for the crosswalk

i can take it to another level

where the base is above the treble

and your face is in double

evasiveness doesnt settle it

a place and a space

where theres nothing to meddle with

combat to get you to bomb back

blond black lets get beyond that

sing songs that attack with strong raps

321 contact

sans paddle we swim the long laps

swans flap to get the pond packed

want sass kiss my moms ass

wrong tact convict you en mass

take it back like linda ronstadt

or luke sky with a twisted long hat

ton ton fat subsisting on that

tom tom hi hat

insist upon that

listen to jon rap

this is combat

to get you to bomb back

two fisted contact to

get the pond packed

cause Im on some shit that exist beyond that

Album Lyrics: Fight With Tools [2008]

"Fight With Tools [2008]"

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