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Artist/Band: Flobots
Lyrics for Song: Fight With Tools
Lyrics for Album: Fight With Tools [2008]

Spoken: Transmitting.... signals coming through? ..... OK

echo echo one-nine

hear the call through fault lines

smoke signals old rhymes

shorted lights in store signs

spelled in a broken code

find that it is time to

breath build bend and refine you

we sky tenants

give it all but wont give up

radio soul antennas

radio to lift spirits

call sign commando

m.o. is independence

scream till the walls fall,

dissolve all the limits

occupied minds

unemployed skills


worn out

torn down

just for now thrill seekers


test tube babies in beakers

where gun blasts pump straight from the speakers

the system where the

poor get poorly paid

to hold the ladder

where the rich get ricocheted

into the stratosphere

and in between people are rushin' like vladimir

with metals to make their status clear

get us out of here

we need heroes

build them

don't put your fist up

fill them

with our hopes and our hearts and our hands

we're the architects of our last stand

there's a war going on for your mind

those who seek to occupy it will stop at nothing

the battlefield is everywhere

there is no sanctuary

there are no civilians

you have two choices

surrender or enlist

what kind of person are you

always the first to argue

or never down to stick your neck out

cause it hurts you far too much

to see your rep suffer

set you up a buffer

well neither is enough for us cut from a tougher brand of duct tape

the propaganda's stuck on us like sock pajamas

spread like a virus

through accepted thoughts and proper manners

but off the cameras

something's simmering across the land

about to bubble up

and knock the lids off of the pots and pans

we are non stop juggernauts

stomp ziggurats

spit manifestos

by terabytes and gigawatts

shock paradigms

give sense to a score

throw thoughts through the sky

activate twenty more

in these high and dry times

expectorate on dogma

pragmatic sycophants

divide and conquer

we build bridges offer

hard work and prosper

as hand made heroes brought to you by no sponsors

all free minds to the front

all free minds to the front

we call upon women

we call upon children

we call upon the handicapped

the infirmed

the week of heart

we need your courage

your dedication

your passion

your commitment

gather up your platinum

melt it down

gather up your gold

melt it down

gather up your bronze

your silver

your aluminum

melt it down

melt it down

melt it down

Album Lyrics: Fight With Tools [2008]

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