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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Ghetto Life
Lyrics for Album: MP da Last Don [1998]

Uhhh, shhhh

Don't say nothin' just listen (For all y'all ghetto people out there)

Through like all the bloodshed

And all the tears and all the homies I done lost (Calliope Projects)

Ain't nothing like the ghetto

If I had to do it all again

I probably wouldn't change a thing

Master P:

I live my life homie, but not for greed

Picture young sistes and brothers planting their ghetto seeds

Ain't nothing promised in this ghetto but we lost cause we black

Picture 5 kids in the project in a one room shack

I had big dreams of making it big

I caught nightmares of fools splittin' my wig

I couldn't change for the guppies that tried to hate

Picture me a ghetto child with a house by the lake

Ain't nothing promised but we not to blame

Sinning, uhh to make some change

I wish the society feel my pain

Empty me underneath we all the same

High construction on penatentiary bars

They main focus is blacks with fancy cars

And they beat us on high interest loans

Repossess our property cause we don't think to own

Chorus (4x):

This ghetto live got us hustlin' and scufflin'

I said penatentiary chances keep us thuggin' and muggin'


Now I was known for walking on the wrong side of the tracks

Slanging, smoking and drinking yack, reminiscing and thinking back

A lot of facts have been changed we take the innocent and guilty

I played the cards that they dealed me

Went through changes that dealed me

Into a better man but most often I'm misunderstood

Call me a gangsta 'cause I relay consciousness from the hood

But alot of good comes from what you call negativity

We working with no leverage or incentive g

'Cause their nothing you ever give to me

On television or them history books

Got black kids thinking they only out on this earth to be crooks

See all these mystery looks, that's on the face of the boss man

When he can see a young black brother no longer lost man

They try to break your spirit, before you figure out the game

By the time you do you lost your fame, reputation and your name

But baby we can do it take your time do it right

You don't wanna be a superstar overnight

Trying to live that ghetto life

Chorus (4x):

Pimp C:

I live my life for my son so he can have something

Blessed just to see a new day so I'm trying to grab something

I been on top of the world and at the bottom too

When you up you got lots of friends and when you down it's few

The way we grew up was wrong, I'm the first to admit

I know God and just drop me here to be going through this

I lost D-Ray last year and it's just not the same

Just at the time in his life when he was trying to change

He told me, Pimp I need help, I want up out the game

I made a promise, I lied cause the next night he died

I guess our childhood is over 'cause man ain't nothing funny

And everythign that I love revolve around sex and money

I wanna have some more kids but in the 90's that's crazy

The woman's polluted so it ain't safe to make babies

And it's a shame cause Uncle Sam ain't got no job to pay me

But pay the mightiest 40 g's for every year they enslave me

It's crazy

Chorus (Repeat 'til Fades)

Album Lyrics: MP da Last Don [1998]

Master P
"MP da Last Don [1998]"

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