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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Eternity
Lyrics for Album: MP da Last Don [1998]

This is an invitation for all my thug niggas to come join me

on a journey to the ever lasting ship of eternal life

a place where there's no violence no pain no crime no prisons no ghettos

nothing but sunshine at the end of the road so come with me let's ride

All my thug niggas ride to eternity let's ride nigga let's ride nigga (2X)


Nigga back in the days I was afraid of the police

just another paranoid drugdealer on the streets

my ghetto hero was above the law I caught a glimpse of a bullet

that took him down like a south paw uneducated to the game of life

I was hated to the grave but the pen kept my mind right

a young motherfucker doomed since day one

shit I'm a fool I'm a ball 'til my time come

a G to me is like a mil' on the streets I'm a kill just to eat

and leave my enemies on the concrete they say a soft heart

make a bitch nigga stay alert stay alive that's the code of a thug nigga

I wanna rob and steal but crime pays the bill niggas know I'm real

so my pain is what they feel I'm a rider TRU niggas gone feel me

C-Murder ain't gone die 'til a bitch nigga kill me

All my thug niggas ride to eternity let's ride nigga let's ride nigga (2X)

[Master P]

How many niggas want to ride with me

when I'm gone don't my fuckin' soldier cry for me

I want the nigga that did it to die with me

and his mama and his brother take a ride with me

cuz I'm a killer (a killer) nigga baller

servin' up the 3rd ward Cali or New Orla'

nigga like the devil with the motherfuckin' red prints

fight me like a monkey on top of an elephant

the game got me crazy profecy dazy

this god wasn't ? when a nigga tried to play me

god won't you save me nigga only baby only time could take me

mama why you made me like is like slavey tech-nines and three eighties

homies live in shady pray for your baby my first born replace me

this ghetto might waste me I'm a hunted bitch like ghostly

it be a nigga close to me that take me

All my thug niggas ride to eternity let's ride nigga let's ride nigga (4X)

[Mr. Serv-On]

they told me in this life those who start off last a end up first

those who start up first a end up last

last time I saw a .45 blast a nigga who was last should be doin' 50 years

without parole life is cold but it fair fuck the mayor that coward bastard

ask him durin' his term how many niggas sawt jail cells and found cascidy

place me the plastic when its time to shoot only god will know the truth

what's in a nigga's blood is in his heart

from the start my pain was irreversable the book on how to kill a nigga

is unwritable my title don't sulitify our right to tell a child how

to live his life or how to stop a man when he beat his wife but if you turn

your back grab your gun we could ride tonight

and ain't no game as I stroll on

nigga you know this S-E-R-V mister get my ride ON

All my thug niggas ride to eternity let's ride nigga let's ride nigga (4X)

hahhahaha the media point the finger at me like I'm the bad guy

but its ok just take a good look at me I'm no different then your average

businessman society wants to eliminate me but uh in a few years

you be wishin' you had another Don like me sincerly yours America's

nightmare Master P

Album Lyrics: MP da Last Don [1998]

Master P
"MP da Last Don [1998]"

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