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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: So Many Souls Deceased
Lyrics for Album: MP da Last Don [1998]

OK you wanna go to war with me

I take you to war

I told you I don't kill no mothafucking kid

Look at you now you stupid fuck you stupid fuck.

Chorus (2x):

I done seen so many souls deceased

That's why I ride with alot of killers with me

Master P:

The Last Don be my name I feel I'm trapped in the game

Alot of shit done changed to protect the guilty in the dope game

Such as getting paid nigga turning to the feds nigga

Its a risky business the mob putting hearts ass in niggaz beds nigga

And homies going sour take 'em to the pen and they cowards

I'm not Scarface, but after the money and the power

And ask yourself who's the realest nigga you know

And if you ask me it be some niggaz out the Calliope

Like Glenn Miss, Sam Scuddy, Pee-Wee

L. Broadnax, Slim some dead some in jail g

Cause this game is so real

And niggaz hustle like the Last Don 'til they get killed


Chorus (4x)

The Commision #1:

Syndicated crime at its finest, started off dimeless

I bless the mic device and now my ice got you blinded

I stone the liquor so thing this shit is a gimmick

The Last Don and The Commission T-S-O click and No Limit

From start to finish for this paper look I'm all in it

Rules in the game I bent in in a tank that can't be dented

Drama we always in it cause many niggaz be Ph'n

Mad that's why they busting they ass we on vacation

The unexpected done happened nigga we blowing up

Soundtracks and platinum plats whoa there ain't no holding us

Give a fuck if ya like me care less if you don't

Bitch respect the flame in the tank making this bitch jump

Chorus (4x)

The Commision #2:

The shit about to slow we living

Like malt liquors in and out of court niggaz

The Commission on a money making position a team of street smart niggaz

Living this triple beam dream

Godfather bless a nigga with weight

Now we havin' ok receiving shipments in by the crates

Its that organized goodguy goodfella shit

The other level living like better shit

They crime family can barely ride hustling to gather shit

Ain't nobody seperates Spiral and No Limit

The Last Don and the Commission in this money making position

The Commision #3:

I put 4-5 slugs in niggaz neck niggaz respect anothe casualty

I live my life jaggedly and carry myself savagely

Boy ya'll ain't fucking with no run of the mill niggaz hoss

We kill niggaz We kill as a little nigga by my waist under my Hilfigger

I'm trying to make a multimillion come up before I'm dead

A twisted No Limit wanted soldiers so holler when ya listening

I put it on these dreads in my head the Commission can't be faded

With the Last Don in my corner its a sign the nigga made it

Chorus (2x)

Album Lyrics: MP da Last Don [1998]

Master P
"MP da Last Don [1998]"

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