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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Ghetto Love
Lyrics for Album: MP da Last Don [1998]

You just don't know what u do to me

and i hope you know what u got

You just don't know what u do to me

and i hope you know what u got

Master P:


I remember walkin you from school and homies hate me

But I ain't tripin cause i knew one day girl you be lady

Probably have me baby

I know it sound crazy

but thugs need love and if u real girl save me

your loyalty got me a sucker for love and when i went to

jail u sent kisses and hugs and i could feel your lips through

you letters you said wait for me cause you down for whatever

now i'm out girl and we ballin matchin 600 benzez lex luther trucks

and ferriais rolex watches and braclets diamonds on your ears and

your finger and tacking trips to foriegn places now we be hook like

drugs but you been there from the begenning that's why we call it

ghetto love

And I hope u Know what u got


You just don't know what u do to me

And i hope u know what u got

Mia X:

My thug love got the weight of the world on his shoulders

So every chance i get i try to grab him and hold him

Boo you know i care

I'm gon be there through the toughest of times

Trying not to ever stress u take the pressure of your mind

You my kinda nigga ain't nobody else gone do

I can't see being in love without you beside me inside me

Nothing can divide you and me that's why them other brods

Know we gon be

I ain't trippin although your ass be slippin sometimes

Runnin around and creppin but you know just were to find your true love

before the fame the big names and the money

I was at the bus stop wit you honey

That's why you got me pushin phat ass rides

Wit a Swoll bank account livin in a million dollar house

But don't doubt

If you gotta go back to the projects I won't diss you

I'm comin right wit you cause I Love You Thug

(repeat 4x)

YOu just don't know what u do to me

and i hope u know what u got

Album Lyrics: MP da Last Don [1998]

Master P
"MP da Last Don [1998]"

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