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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Late Night Creepin'
Lyrics for Album: The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]

Verse 1 (Master P)

Four niggas in the Chev and we all strapped

Put one up in the chamber case we had to bust caps

Let me let you know bitch who you fucking with

Master P killa murder motherfucking lunatic

With the giggety giggety nine

Put the glock to your dome and your shit will be giggety mine

Break you off something proper bitch

Ask me where I'm from the manor central soutside of the Rich

Worry niggas can't stand me

Cause I'm known on the turf for serving

them fiends that fucking killa candy

Break 'em off as I creep slow

But if you run up on the P

yeah you know you get your ass smoked

12 o'clock and my beeper still beeping

On my way to the northside late night creeping


Late night creeping (creeping)

Should I say jacking or should I say skeezing

The dope fiends be begging me for crack

Although they want to beat me with they baseball bats

Verse 2 (Master P)

Red and to the blue will be the giggety plain giggety thang

A nigga slang dope, but the P I don't gang bang

Leave a sucker dead any mark on a slab of rock

Arrive at your house smoke a sherm than a nigga laugh

Play a game called show and tell

And if the bitch is hella thick tell her meet me at the motel

Cause slipping is a no no

And the bitch better come true so long at the mo mo

I'll leave a bitch dead and broke

Check a hoe, I ain't no motherfucking got damn captain save a hoe

So with my nine I be sleeping

Check it out bitch if you catch me late night creeping


Verse 3 (Master P, Lil'Ric)

I can't sleep at night my mind start playing tricks

I'm having nightmares the ghetto's trying to kill me bitch

I'm paranoid, I sleep with three fucking gats

A tech nine, a oozie, and a carjack

I'm addicted to money and bitches hella disturb

A ounce of dank, that'll calm a nigga nerves

I will mash on that ass like a gas pedal

You owe me scraps I will melt you like a piece of metal

I'm a bounce your ass just like a basketball

And with a pig's blood, write your name up on the wall

So make your fucking death wish

And why you dead I'm gone steal your goods and fuck your bitch

I'm a let you know life in the Rich ain't no joke

So don't you coming riding without your straps hoe

And you know the Rich is known for busting caps

Diggety zap the P put the Rich on the giggety map

Lil' Ric

Yeah, back at that ass once again there

Its your nigga Lil Ric, creepin through the windows

Getting him for whatever I can get

Now its time for my niggas to ride

and let this shit fuckin clear

Verse 4 (Big Ed)

Late night creeping Big Ed and Master P

P has got his tech I got my nine next to me

Cause niggas like to jack and in the Bay it never stops

But my hollow tips will leave more scars than the chicken pox

Or run up ya like Emmitt

Hitting like Bonds cause I have a nice slugging percentage

Because a nigga's like loced

Run on up, I'll call ya hickory because your gonna get smoked

I ain't no joker g cause I'm TRU

And everybody in my crew a TRU g too

I thought you knew motherfucker

I'm the type of nigga that'll leave ya fucking heart in the gutter

With the rat-tat-tat rat-tat-tat rat-tat-tat-tat

P, I'm gone put this fucking nigga on his back

I'm a show you why they sleeping

Cause its me and P and we late night creeping


Album Lyrics: The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]

Master P
"The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]"

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