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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Hands Of A Dead Man
Lyrics for Album: The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]


As they shackled and chained me for a murder case

Out the hood on my way to CYA

And from CYA to the Pembrooke

If they find the murder weapon I get 10 more

But just like a g I remained calm

No witnesses a few more weeks I'll be going home

But as the fucking police car drove off g

I started thinking about my motherfucking family

About the dope game must of been the wrong move

I still here my pops saying nigga stay in school

But once you shackled and chained ain't no turning back

You get in front of the judge nigga you can tell your facts

I fell asleep in the back of the cop car

Woke up ?? bout a mothafucking phone call

And as they booked me I had a mouthful of crack

And when I shit tonight bitch I'm gone get it back

I must be daydreaming I'm thinking about my bitch

Til this motherfucker woke me up and cough quick

And as they checked me butt naked and balls dangling

With 50 other motherfuckers in the shower saying

Yo man check this out

You gotta sleep with one eye open and one eye closed fool

This your first time in jail nigga gone need some friends

By the way youngster what's your name


You can call me killer on the streets its the dopeman

And like Scarface you gotta let your nuts hang

I put my glock up to a fool don't move g

See in 94 suckers catching lugies

But ain't nobody tripping on the black man

You either learn to dope deal or you gang bang

See in the ghetto a life don't mean shit

And most blacks they don't know about politics

And once you marked for death than your ass is smoked

Cause niggas dying young in the ghetto

Gang banging that can get you 40 to life

So choose your casket red, blue or white

And once you gone ain't no motherfucking coming back

The way you live is the way you gone die black

Glocks pulled on this sucker for selling dope

Nigga owe me money so you know he gotta go

Fucking with my stash I'm gone kick that ass

Spend 17 rounds as they stuff him in a bodybag

Even though I know I'm living fucking ignorant

I guess that's the shit that got me in the pen

But since I'm in, I guess I got to hold my ground

Make a second case so motherfuckers ?? down

Hit the weights on a motherfucking daily basis

And keep my mouth closed and always remember faces

Cause once you in jail you ain't nothing but a number black

You never know when the fucker going to call you back

I'd rather sleep in some motherfucking quick sand

They killed my celly have you ever held the hands of a dead man

(Chorus x4)

Have you ever held the hand of a dead man

Album Lyrics: The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]

Master P
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