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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: No Limit Party
Lyrics for Album: The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]


Ain't no party like a No Limit party

cause the No Limit party is the shit

All the niggas say bitches

all the bitches say nigga

Everybody else shut the fuck up

Verse 1

Sideways through the cut with my giggety glock

Never giving a fuck I'm bout to let off 5 shots

Motherfucker in the parking lot talking shit

Get my gat I wouldn't give a fuck, I'm going giggety click

On his ass for the 9 0

Giving a fuck cause we all like the fine hoes

Drop g's on they ass with my ski mask

And as the sucker try to duck and dodge the diggety task

But I ain't fucking with the popos hit the floor

Watch them motherfuckers see me at the side show

Spinning daytons on the block with my giggety glock

As a nigga let off bout 17 shots

And as these motherfuckers make a move and choose me

But I ain't tripping cause the P packs an oozie


Verse 2

Me and my partners mobbing should I say robbing

4 g's and the lack and you know we keep our head bobbing

15's in the trunk with the diggety dump

Got the gat on my side just in case some nigga starts some funk

But we ain't tripping on that kike shit

Never giving a fuck about a nigga or a motherfucking broke bitch

We'd rather clock g's and smoke dank weed

And be higher than a bird or the seven seas

Giggety locs with the gat we ain't tripping bitch

Never giving a fuck I got the mind of a lunatic

And as I roll through bitch with my 40

Cause ain't no motherfucker like a No Limit Party


Verse 3

Now hold me back, 94 I came fat

Worldwide and you player hating marks you can't fade that

With the giggety boat I'm gone tell your giggety ??

Put like 5 on the motherfucking tigggety tiggety o

Straight macking dollars I be stacking

Four bitches in the back and you know we all packing

Hit it sideways like I left the highways

Crazy horse to drink with a little Oscar Mayte

So much dank smoke I couldn't see the freak show

Had to tell the cutie to meet me back at the other door

?? hitting on the booty

5 minutes later stank bitch wanna do me

But I ain't tripping, I'm bout to hit like Scottie Pippen

And put my sheepskin on in case I go skinny dipping

And grab my 40 and tell her get up off me

We don't love them hoes, it ain't nothing but a party


Album Lyrics: The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]

Master P
"The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]"

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