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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Some Jack
Lyrics for Album: The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]

Verse 1

Hit the block sideways with the lights off

On 23rd a young bitch about to get tossed

Straight jocking the triple golds I was rolling on

Car full of smoke as I tried to get my perk on

Straight doulja, sipping on gin and juice

Late night creeping as a motherfucker get loose

On my way to Berkley with this hoochie

Non-stop to the motherfucking jacuzzi

Didn't have latex so I stopped at 7-Eleven

That's when I knew the P was marked for a 211

Hoe kept looking over her motherfucking shoulder black

That's when I seen them fools roll up in the Cadillac

And like Bone say them bitches holla hoo-ride

But I ain't going out in a fucking homicide

And the closer they got I grabbed my gauge

Slapped the bitch, I know this shit will make the front page

I'd rather leave them hoes bleeding from they ski masks

Then find a P caught up in a fucking bodybag

And most these hoes ain't nothing but sluts

Slip a nigga that ass and die for the guts

But I didn't panic when them hoes was riding deep

I remained calm just like a g

And as I break them hoes off in a silent rage

Fish tilled back to the Ritz with my 12 gauge

Gat smoking, I ain't joking

Left them fools on the ground face with they heads open

Blood dripping from them bitches like a waterfall

The bitch screaming, but I'm gone fuck them all

Got some head from the bitch as I dropped her off

To the house, nah nigga to the county morgue

(Chorus x4)

You better watch your back

Cause some of these hoes jack

Verse 2

3 o'clock on a Saturday damn it is a good day

Sunny than a motherfucker, bitches hanging out

Clock the nice grip, hit the cut than strip

Seen a bitch on the solo looking for this negro

Dipped to this side got the information

Went to call her up hooked it up

I think she fiening for the bone

I set it up for the nina and its 8:53

I hit the block up the top perking off the Hennessy

Got inside the joint, man this bitch major thick

Rushed her to the room bounced up on the bitch major quick

Busted me a quickie out of the door I'm ready to go

Steadily creeping from the back was a bitch with the mac

Put the chopper to my dome wanted my scratch and my ??

And I'm thinking to myself what the fuck's going on

Get jacked by a bitch fuck this

I pulled out my 80 and dumped six shots to her gut

Before the hoe got the bitch for ??

She riding in a station wagon black

For trying to jack

(Chorus x5)

Album Lyrics: The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]

Master P
"The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! [1994]"

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