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Artist/Band: Meek Mill
Lyrics for Song: Give It To Em
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Meek Mill

Dream team

The Life

(Meek Millz)

I aint no killer but don't push me

I look a nigga in his eyes tell yah if he pussy

Remembering the times the people would overlook me

The bitchs would try to play me

My future was looking shady

Wanted to be a star, they locked me behind bars

Trying to shatter my dreams

I tell you them times hard

I aint never give up

I hustled I grind hard

Put my faith in the lord I know ima shine hard

I had no choice but to win but the odds was against me

So I'm rolling through this bitch

With my 9s or my semi

My dad died when I was young so my mom would defend me

and my sister would protect me

now them main niggas respect me

I had to learn to be a man

Learn to hold my hands

Learn to work that scale, turn them ounces into grams

Learn to stack this money work till 2 and feed the fam

Now I'm the best thing since zaf cur on da lamb

I got 30 in my glock, Move and I'm squeezing

Ocean drop, In the drop Head, Like I'm dreaming,


Addicted to the money I'm feaning

Shit you wish you saw, I seen it at 23,

Skinny nigga, Big dreams,lota pride,

Somebody get in the way of that it's homicide,

My heart cold as melly heart when his mom died and cold

like tashima and ty when my aunt ronda died,

nigga's got fat when we starved it wasn't ramadan,

But sunny days we aint need alot of time,

So I'm like tony hawk on his skateboard I gotta grind,

What I wouldn't do for a dollar sign I don't know,

It aint bout money nigga I don't go,

Shoot him in his head now he john doe,

9 on me Ron doe,

I turn a fucking quarter ounce into a condo,

I turn the condo into a fucking (echo)Fucking

(Lou Williams)

And nock the breath out your boy, when tee got sinnest,

And I'm kind of tipsy so I'm spilling family business,

18 Lost my pop, too many years he's gone missing

My B mind gone that Alzheimer's shit ridiculous,

Bright lights and flights,

See what this life will bring to you,

Bitch's favoring my name,

See what that shit will bring to you,

The world is ice cold poncho shawn,

Show em with that flame will do,

9mm for evil he can aim too,

I seen it all before,

Seen my momma praying

Seen my b forget my name,

Seen my brothers walls cave in,

Life is but a dream to me,

Lately it's a nightmare,

Cause it's a war going on

and these niggas don't fight fare,

Ask em what the feeling like,

To see my family living right,

Proud of myself

cause my name light up these philly nights,

Gotta hope I'm living right, and sorry for the tattoos,

But if I go tonight please take care of my nephews,

(Mel Love)

I make the song cry, make it drip, make it tear,

Told you niggas from the writ,from the tear,

Every beat that I get I'ma rip I'ma tear,

In pieces like deuces Im'a be super sport coupin,

I said I'll be with the cool kids,

Chillin on some cool shit'srt eigheter,

Like some scrapers on some cool shit,

I said we move shit, Eat a dick,

I dues this, They be on that goon shit,

we on that looney toons shit,

Bet I'd let that 2 spit,

Air sommin, Bet I let that 2 rip,

Tear sommin, roll me back we head hunting,

We be on that foreal a head buster,

A south sider, Product of my environment land buster,

I'll be in the newest coupe, rolling on some fruity fruit,

Shane look like juicy fruit, mixed up fruity loops,

Ayo where my boys at, squad up, Hoodie who,

Bitch you either in the circle like a Hoola Hoop,

Bitch I talk that like a en loop, Then I spit that fire,

You tire like an inter-tube, All these niggas flyers,

Call me pliers, I'll grip them dudes,

You should see how I be dipping through,

I said tell them they don't want this,

They can take a drum clip,

Candy and the powder in the package,

Like it's fun dip,

I be on that real shit, they be on that nut shit,

Cookie, Pussy boy, bubble gum shit,

Bitch me.

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Meek Mill

Meek Mill
"Other Songs - Meek Mill"

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