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Artist/Band: Meek Mill
Lyrics for Song: Racked Up Shawty
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Meek Mill

[Intro: Meek Mill]

It's MMG

All my n*ggas strapped up and racked out

It's a lifestyle n*gga

[Hook: Meek Mill]

Racked up shawty, racked up shawty

All these b*tches call me racked up shawty

Racked up shawty, racked up shawty

And all these b*tches call me racked up shawty

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]

Racks all on my wrist, racks all on my neck

I spend racks all on my b*tch, look at these racks all on my check

N*gga I'm racked up and I'm racked out, f*ck a b*tch 'til she tap out

F*ck a b*tch then I pass out, and my pockets on J. Stackhouse

Cause I ball hard, I'm swagged out, all black, Maybach south

Y'all n*ggas just speak sh*t and I live sh*t that I rap 'bout

Cause these racks came from my crackhouse, dirty money like Diddy

Hammers n*ggas ain't ever seen, got 30 off in that 50

Now tell them hoes that I'm busy, tell them hoes that I'm ballin'

I done f*cked and answer once now why this hoe keep callin'?

Y'all n*ggas be fraudin', acting like y'all got it

That sh*t you call your stash n*gga that's racks off of my pocket


[Verse 2: Fabolous]

My shoes cost me a rack (nice), my outfit off the rack (nice)

My presidential Rollie, I'm calling that Barack (sh*t)

Damn I meant Barrack (sh*t), too much Ciroc (sh*t)

Won't catch me in that passenger, and that's word to Pac (damn)

That's word to B.I.G. (damn), rest in peace to the legends (yeah)

We kill n*ggas for acting, rest in peace to them legends (yeah)

Catch me in that Aston, I'm "wassup?" f*ck asking

They talk behind my b*tch's back, they must've seen her ass then

From H town like the Astros, scorecard her ass 10

Pop pills no Aspirin, like a ski slope in Aspen

It's going down, going down, no I brought my ski racks

N*ggas know my flow cold so I don't ride I ski tracks


[Verse 3: French Montana]

Racked up I'm racked out, black Ferrari blacked out

Black Friday black mac, popping spades black jack

B*tch I'm hotter than fish grease, made 250 this week

Baddest b*tch, all in her, balling b*tch sports-center

Ass fat can't sit straight, ballin' like Griff Blake

Chain blue or white Penn State, touring off a mixtape

Racked up shawty, chain 'bout 40

Came in with one b*tch, left out with four

Shout my homie Meek Mill, shout my homie Fabo

Know the crib a couple mill', and I ain't trynna brag ho

That Coke Boy, that Maybach, that Bad Boy gotta stay strapped

That Ghost, f*ck that Maybach, baddest hoes say that's that


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Meek Mill

Meek Mill
"Other Songs - Meek Mill"

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