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Artist/Band: Meek Mill
Lyrics for Song: Ham Music
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Meek Mill


meek milly (yeah, yeah)

philly in this bitch (yeah)


Leggo, uh

they ain't fucking with me, new orleans N-O

old school bitch i let her blow me like nintendo

black panamera me & maggo getting litto

switching lanes in that thang 5 percet on the window

i got 20 on my pocket, 30 on wrist, 50 on my neck keep it 100 in this bitch

hey listen we don't do no talking, i'm just running up in your shit

and i was never in the walking, i'm just running up in your bitch

i said my swagger on the fitted money in the limit

real nigga every day, startin to the finish

you should hear this rarri when i'm starting up the engine

sounding like a motherfucker lion barking all up in it

make a dollar every second, thousands on an hour

20 every day, i'm getting money in the power

i was told never let the youngest get the powder

but now these niggers slipping like they fucking in the shower, pause

i really do this, i'm 62'n with ricky ross

i'm getting to it, you niggers losin shit, i'm a boss

yeah i took a loss, i was out in vegas

me and gucci pouchie shooting at the table

when i was broke, i used to have a dream

before i had a dream best believe i had them fiends

steady blowing up my celly, trying to get it any means

nigga smootchie in the kitchen working up the triple beans

breakin ounces off the birdie, money it was dirty

and hammers they was filthy cause niggers was trying to kill me

and that's word to osama though, fuck a bitch then (?)

niggers in they diss rap when no drama though

leaning off the prometh sipping at your mama though

rollie your bus down, call the perfect timing though

tell my jeweler freeze me, just to change the climate hoe

bottom of the mountain & meek milly got the climate on

your chick my chick, my chick your chick,

my swag fly shit, your swag, norbit

nigger you a weirdo, no match forfeit

all these fuckin bricks i'm thinkin we gonn need a forklift

coolest on your stereo, i don't think they hear me though

catch me in the hood, i'll be around it like a merri go

used to sell them little o's i ain't talking cheerio's

i'm talking about them golden grams and i don't mean no cereal

murder on your record label nigger i'm a serial

killer plus i'm realer this is scarier than thriller

in the villa countin scrilla with shawty she vanilla

far as work i make that fuckin butter-fly like catepillars

and my flow be on some other shit

hotter than a oven get

i just got his girl's number

he gonna need another bitch

make her fuck my other bitch then put her on a punishment

she said she's n love with me and she don't know my government

ha, shawty tripping where your luggage at

broke niggas never see me cause i'm where the money at

all i know is hustle hard like i got a hundred pack

nigga get my jewels i'ma kill em i dont want em back

wear it to your funeral be stuntin while they viewin you

mama lookin over she like what the hell they did to you?

clip full of hollow heads make me put a few in you

yeah nigga i will ruin you. haa

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Meek Mill

Meek Mill
"Other Songs - Meek Mill"

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