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Artist/Band: Jaya The Cat
Lyrics for Song: El Camino
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Jaya The Cat

But the nice thing about it was,

it was a pickup truck, but it was a Chevelle

And you could get it with a SS package and up to like a 450 horsepower,

454 engine and a four-speed transmission,

positraction rear end, all kinds of sway bars

And handle like a 'vet and go like a son of a bitch

Another summer night, blasting down the pike

Got my windows down and a cooler to my right

Here to stay, everything's gonna be alright

Broken lines stretchin' out in my headlights

Burnt orange with a black on top

Positraction and dual exhaust

Like an angel with three speeds and tires

She'll never break my heart or fuck with my mind

Rest stops flashing by

Neon lights punch a hole in the night sky

Feel like on an asphalt sea

As close to heaven as I'll ever be

Shurpin' gears, and drinkin'

Never gave a goddamn 'bout what they told me

So it's a buck twenty and a sixty five

I put the pedal to the floor and I drive


Ninety three to three all away to the

Seventy two SS with a small block V8

Passin' all the shit in plastic roll in the states

Gettin' all boned up and kickin' back to the reggae

Another sleep while the fuck awake.

All four barrels pumpin' gas into the intake

I ain't drivin' I'm drifting, and you can talk all day

But that don't mean I have to listen, man

Break lights on the highway always drive me fuckin' nuts

The only thing worse is gettin' tailed by the fuzz

It's all like blue lights flashing in your mirrors

It's just a Crown Vic jam-full of interference

So, I shift gears, let them pass on the left

Everyone just keep your drinks down for a sec

I'm all like "Officer don't hurt me please,

'cause ain't got nothing but weed"



Officer don't hurt me please, 'cause I've got nothing but weed

Officer don't hurt me please, 'cause I've got nothing but weed

Officer don't hurt me please, 'cause I've got nothing but weed

Officer don't hurt me please, 'cause I've got nothing but weed

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jaya The Cat

Jaya The Cat
"Other Songs - Jaya The Cat"

1. Are You With Me
2. El Camino
3. Good Morning
4. Justice
5. Microphone Burglar
6. New Millenium
7. Painful Memory
8. Thank You Reggae
9. Transistor Radio
10. Convenience Store
11. Cultifornia
12. Dominant Paradigm
13. Drug Squad
14. Final Solution
15. Government Center
16. Half Way Home
17. Mistake
18. Misunderstood
19. Night Bus
20. Shit Jobs For Rock
21. Sirens Wail
22. State Of Emergency
23. Street Life
24. The Bottle Left Me
25. The Hard Way
26. The Wilderness II
27. Weed In The Back Yard