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Artist/Band: Jaya The Cat
Lyrics for Song: Painful Memory
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Jaya The Cat

its going down again

from the rage in my mind to the sound system

from the streets to the concrete war

where i spent a little time down there but what for

cos i got beat down again

the same old shit keeps happening

another hero on stage

a loser at the bar

where the money in your pocket don't go to far

in this world of financial success

i got lost along the way i guess

money hungry motherfucker in brand new cars

talking on cell phones to reach for the stars

when im gone you know i won't be coming back

to this place

i aint got what it takes

there's nothing left for me no piece of mind no sanity

just painful memory that i don't need inside of me

all of what's yours will be gone in time

the illusion of progress in this life

unfinished products nowhere to go

just standing around in the cold

the systems backed up nothings' comin through

a little more leverage for me to use

because i never gave a damn about that shit

i just keep on getting on with it

and i may be the last in line

but im still lookin out for what's mine

in this world of confusion and despair

i'm looking out for me

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jaya The Cat

Jaya The Cat
"Other Songs - Jaya The Cat"

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