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Artist/Band: Jaya The Cat
Lyrics for Song: Thank You Reggae
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Jaya The Cat

Eight thirty you head to work

Get your coffee and your paper and pretend it's worth it

Shakedown when friday comes

Gotta turn your paycheck into more than surviving

But you know that there's something more than this

Check the music as it hits

Thank you reggae

Wailing souls burning spear operation ivy

Bad brains waiting in vain michigan and smiley

Adf and jimmy spliff, kortatu and scientist

Joseph hill, sublime, manu chao and the skatalites

And when it's 96 degrees you are all the shade I need

To help me make it thru...

Thank you

Thank you reggae

Israel vibration, stray bullets the meditations

Thievery corporation, signing off and delroy wilson

White riot to equal rights drop the bass all night till daylight

Dillinger judgment dread, alton ellis seeed and sizzla

But you know that there's something more than this

Check the music as it hits.

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jaya The Cat

Jaya The Cat
"Other Songs - Jaya The Cat"

1. Are You With Me
2. El Camino
3. Good Morning
4. Justice
5. Microphone Burglar
6. New Millenium
7. Painful Memory
8. Thank You Reggae
9. Transistor Radio
10. Convenience Store
11. Cultifornia
12. Dominant Paradigm
13. Drug Squad
14. Final Solution
15. Government Center
16. Half Way Home
17. Mistake
18. Misunderstood
19. Night Bus
20. Shit Jobs For Rock
21. Sirens Wail
22. State Of Emergency
23. Street Life
24. The Bottle Left Me
25. The Hard Way
26. The Wilderness II
27. Weed In The Back Yard