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Artist/Band: Jaya The Cat
Lyrics for Song: New Millenium
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Jaya The Cat

i'm getting older i'm getting smarter

gonna turn that knowledge into dollars

served enough time on this earth to tell you

when something's changing

usually it's just so they can sell you something new

high performance genetically redesigned

it takes cash to keep up with the times

and if you want to stay alive pay attention to these lessons

cause each passing year it's just planned obsolescence

but it's o.k.

it's o.k. now

got a salvation solution to the cold

and i'll never get lost again cause i just bought in

to the new millennium

we've got answers for your guilty conscience with no retributions

we're on the phones nationwide just looking for solutions

cave in, cave out somewhere inside i'm feeling doubt

but day in, day out somehow i'm gonna have to work it out

but in a high rise, high above the filth

the promised land just made a promise to someone else

and it's all in the plans, all gods children

standing in line waiting for a handout

unsatisfied with what we've been given

new product line guaranteed to end your doubt

warm words and smiling faces

they'll be no discontent when the climate changes

and we'll never get lost again cause we just bought in

to the new millennium

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jaya The Cat

Jaya The Cat
"Other Songs - Jaya The Cat"

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