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Montell Jordan
Album Lyrics: Let's Ride [1998]

Montell Jordan
"Let's Ride [1998]"

1. 4 You playlist
2. Body Ah playlist
3. Can I playlist
4. Don't Call Me playlist
5. I Can Do That playlist
6. I Say Yes playlist
7. Irresistible playlist
8. Let's Ride playlist
9. Midnight Rain playlist
10. Missing You playlist
11. One Last Chance playlist
12. The Longest Night playlist
13. When You Get Home playlist

Album Lyrics: Get It On Tonite [1999]

Montell Jordan
"Get It On Tonite [1999]"

1. Against All Odds playlist
2. Can't Get Enough playlist
3. Come Home playlist
4. Do You playlist
5. Everybody (Get Down) playlist
6. Funk Flex (Interlude) playlist
7. Kevin Nash Interview (Skit) playlist
8. Last Night (Can We Move On) playlist
9. Let's Cuddle Up playlist
10. Maybe She Will playlist
11. Once Upon A Time playlist
12. One Last Time (Break Up Sex) playlist
13. Sydney Jordan (Intro) playlist
14. The Interview (Skit) playlist
15. Time To Say Goodbye playlist
16. What's It Feel Like (Is It Good) playlist
17. Why You Wanna Do That (Ooh Girl) playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan
"Other Songs - Montell Jordan"

1. Aight playlist
2. Anything & Everything playlist
3. Bottom Line playlist
4. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda playlist
5. Crushin' playlist
6. Denise playlist
7. Down On My Knees playlist
8. Down To Da River playlist
9. I'm Going Krazy (Straight Bananas) playlist
10. Introducing Shaunta playlist
11. Make Up Sex playlist
12. Mine Mine Mine playlist
13. MJ V Intro playlist
14. Mj's Anthem playlist
15. Questions playlist
16. Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz (Remix) playlist
17. Supa Star playlist
18. The Big Man's Back playlist
19. The Rain playlist
20. The You In Me playlist
21. True playlist
22. We Ride On Dem Thangs playlist
23. What If I Never playlist
24. Why Can't We playlist
25. Yes playlist
26. You Must Have Been playlist

Album Lyrics: This Is How We Do It [1995]

Montell Jordan
"This Is How We Do It [1995]"

1. Comin' Home playlist
2. Daddy's Home playlist
3. Don't Keep Me Waiting playlist
4. Gotta Get My Roll On playlist
5. I Wanna playlist
6. I'll Do Anything playlist
7. It's Over playlist
8. Payback playlist

Album Lyrics: More To Tell [1996]

Montell Jordan
"More To Tell [1996]"

1. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright playlist
2. Falling playlist
3. I Like playlist
4. Let Me Be The One (Come Runnin') playlist
5. Superlover Man playlist
6. What's On Tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: Save The Last Dance [2001]

Montell Jordan
"Save The Last Dance [2001]"

1. Get It On Tonite playlist

Album Lyrics: Let It Rain [1999]

Montell Jordan
"Let It Rain [1999]"

1. Me And U playlist

Album Lyrics: Freedom Writers [2007]

Montell Jordan
"Freedom Writers [2007]"

1. This Is How We Do It playlist