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Artist/Band: Mr. Shadow
Lyrics for Song: Dancin' Smokin' Drinkin'
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

feat. Cisco, Kurupt

[Chorus x2: Mr. Shadow]

Dancing, smoking, drinking

Slowly blinking

Another Cali weekend

Dancing, smoking, drinking

Slowly blinking

Another Cali weekend


The nerve of the trick, the nerve of the trick

The nerve of the trick, the nerve of the trick

The nerve of the trick, I swerve with the trick

Calicos, out to Moe's, imperial with faness

Kick left, six hop to the trisket, get to kick rock

I'ma make something bounce high as the moon

Coast with the homies, roll through, do what I do

[Mr. Shadow]

In the coast where the best roam, you'll get your chest blown

Killa Kali be so strange you throw a vest on

We step on in blue'd up flashing signs

For the 213 and 619 we ride

Westside hard grind, Killa Kali the state

All day, all night, choking smoking the tray

Bombay cascades, gangster stepping through blocks

Common shots tell me what's hot and what's not

[Chorus x2]


Now my weekends are similar but never the same

Me and the homies ain't particular, we getting the brain

Politicing the game, call a chick out her name

And when I'm hitting the thang I be like ripping the frame

See I'm a pimp in the game, Cisco is the name

Me and the homies smoking, the West Coast ain't changed

Don't trip, we the shit, me and my clique all riders

Quick to scoop your main chick and go and pull an all-nighter

Posted up at the twin towers

Overlooking the Bay, popping champagne after hours

Ladies offer powder, players offer pills

Money and the power, making million dollar deals

Got the house on the hills

Hit the clubs bouncing on chrome wheels

Hop out with that thug appeal

Blow the bar up, keep your guard up in Cali

Cuz my G's is starving hard up, waiting in the alley

Who you hating on homey, better turn around slowly

Blinking, start flashing, what this fool thinking

Too much smoking, nah, too much drinking

Nah, just another, just another, Cali weekend

[Chorus x2]


Out here we agaholics, indo-alcoholic, blazaholics, it's simple

They make a few cuz together it multiplies the multitude ripple

The sides to stabilize the Cripple, Valentinos

Orange juice Jones, blacks and Latinos, Lancaster and Chino

Ladies dipping banging, Shalamar

High priced lizards off blocks of calamari

Eating on something like fish and chips

I can't fuck with, and this is something you just can't fuck with

What's up Shadow

[Mr. Shadow]

We military minded fools

With shaved heads, baggy clothes and tattooes

No excuse, we all bangers

Westside riders, g'd up is how you'll find us homiciders

We're chart climbers, ain't no messing with us

Mr. Shadow, Cisco, and the homey Kurupt, now what's up

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

Mr. Shadow
"Other Songs - Mr. Shadow"

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