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Artist/Band: Mr. Shadow
Lyrics for Song: Excited 2
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

[Mr. Lil One]

What's up Dawg

[Mr. Shadow]

What's up

[Mr. Lil One]

You back up in here again

[Mr. Shadow]


{Mr. Lil One]

You see that board over there?

{Mr. Shadow]

The one over there?

[Mr. Lil One]

Yeah the one with the bald headed fool lookin like a fuckin geek

Check it out check it out, look look look

[Mr. Shadow]

What's up what's up

[Mr. Lil One]

Who she lookin at?

[Mr. Shadow]

She still lookin at us!

Mr. Lil One]

I'm so excited got ya bitch on my dick

and she still wants to ride it

[Mr. Shadow]

I'm so excited got ya bitch on my dick

and she still wants to ride it

[Mr. Shadow]

I'm sitting here thinking damn isn't that a shame

You're kissing on your lady while she's mumbling my name

You think that you're a playa, look who's numbers on my pager

I told you she'd be callin me sayin she's all in love with me

We took it to the beach then she gave a little speech

How she loves the way we grind when we lay between the sheets

It's getting kind of shady second thoughts about your lady

But you were still telling people that you two were getting married

Now go ahead and get your marry on, while I carry one

Drinking perron, with your lady through my song

I knew it all along, she be coming back for more

When she was on her knees you were working at the store

Sweating 9 to 5 while she suits me in your ride

Getting hickies on my neck putting baby girl in check

Went once went twice it's the stalker of your life

Got you wonderin can you trust her as your wife


repeat 2

[Mr. Lil One]

Now I know your state of mind can't compare to mine

I fin to brake it down like an ese doin time

You grief through the highs, stroll through the lows

You watch how you act cause your character shows

How you really are, never mind a rap star

You pretty face girl but your ass behind bars

Now your in a tank with slippers and rules

some of them g's and some of them fools

Sitting there stressin, sad reminissen

Never really flew straigh so she's a peasent

Yes indeed, I'n knowin what you need

Learn how to write and learn how to read

All between the lines all between the lies

Sit there and learn while she's giving me the eyes

Take her to the pad, take her to the crib

Give it to her raw like you never did


repeat 2

[Mr. Shadow]

I'm flossing on your rims while you rap about your brims

You need to reculaged while your girl comfess her sins

Making scary hits while you be licking harry tits

Ask your lady where shes been while you punchin in at 6

You better be ready to her some ruff and nasty sex

Like how she pages me from work with that 14to 3 that 69er

I know shes been a tough one rough enough to bust one

Never have I loved one so how the hell could I love one

Lust one, never have I wined her or dined her

I leave that up to you cause all I do is get behind her

I find it kind of funny every week you give her money

With that she buys the lotion she be rubbin all over my tummy

Huggin me and kissing me looking me in the eyes

Tellin me how she loves me and wants me in her life

But I aint payin no minds cause all Im doing is making pine

I told your future wife that nickels aint my type


Repeat 2

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

Mr. Shadow
"Other Songs - Mr. Shadow"

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6. Excited 2
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11. She's A Hoe
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13. Take Yo' Bitch
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