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Artist/Band: Mr. Shadow
Lyrics for Song: Shadow Of Your Dead
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

Here Comes The Knightowl... Knightowl

[Gun shots]

[Mr. Shadow]

Eventualy I'ma have to see the penitentury

For sending all you fake mothafuckas to the cemetry

I'm granting death wishes, for all those bitches that be yappin

Acting like they fuckin hate me, but they bump 'Me and My Shadow'

Battle me, why try, bullets fly, I'm the type of guy to poke an owl in his eye

If it hoots, I shoot you know my rhymes are absolute,

To your death I salute, watch your ass when I lute

Mothafucka, whatcha got to say about your family dismissing you

Your homies dissing you, when shadow blessen you

I heard about you and the homie rolling through the rival park

And you didn't want to cap cause you said you had a bad heart

Ya fucking coward, you talk alot of shit

Talking about you serve some times you never did a bid

Then you're doubting out cha ass saying I don't right my lyrics

You just want me to write some weaker shit so you can go and hear it

You did remember NOTORIOUS, then you shook the hook again with VICTORIOUS

Knightowl you got to give it up it's getting old, you're 34

Your life ain't shit and you're acting like a hoe biactch

I'm bringin hell to this mothafucka cappin

So it's time for some military action

It's the shadow of your death here to take your last breath

So run mothafucka cause I'm blastin

[Mr. Shadow]

Fat boy fat boy where the fuck you at

Man I heard it through the vine that you tried to bite my rap

For that Ima slap you just like a slap box

Pop the 44 slug blow your top off

Calling me a faggot ask my nina who was in a

They seen you on the table bustin raps for extra dinner

Ya fake like the rest of them punk mothafuckas

that surround you, watch when I find you

I got my slope aiming at these three bitches

mothafuck snitches, I hit him with the three sixes this is manditory,

I kick this story about these phunny bunch of lops, perpitrating in my


Like that bitch 'Rob', you ain't no good

You's a wanna be thug never busting a slug so motha fuck ya hood punk

Now onto a bigger hoe named 'Royal T'

It's the shadow of your death fool remember me

Never in your life have you banged with the cliq hoe

You and bitch freelo can suck on my dick

It's 'Mr. Shadow' dumping rounds on these fuckas

Said my named to many times

And that was your first and last mistake mothafuckas


[Mr. Shadow]

I kicks nothin but the real up on the mic

I wasn't out in ceetho getting in a gun fight

So you say, tell whos gay

This is all my game and your a shame to play mothafuckas

You brag about your shit while you roll in your caddy

Yous nothing but a fake and takin loot from your daddy

Had he never been here you'd be broke,

Like a joke I provoke mothafuckas till they bolt

Hold up, remember staright clown and left you with a frown

So get the fucking point that no one wants you ass around

I found out about you claiming to be rich

You still live with your parents so quit acting like a bitch

You took my lyrics out of a song, that was wrong

You felt it coming on cause you know that I'm the bomb

Intimidation gots you goin in circles gots you crazy

You will never fade me thats the reason why you playa hate me follow me,

No one will ever be believin all the lies that you be hummin

I had that bitch 'Knightowl' running, he knows that 'Shadow's' comin

It's a thin line between foes and friends

Causes you're hated once kiss your kids good bye

Because it the begining to your end

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

Mr. Shadow
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