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Artist/Band: Mr. Shadow
Lyrics for Song: Fuck What U Believe In
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

Mr. Shadow:

I'ma ride on you mothafuckas, I dun had it

Bitch I'ma thugs that sells drugs and brings static

Status of a king play your minds like strings

Shoot any mothafucka like it ain't no thing

Flink enemies against walls I'm an outlaw

Make a punk snitch say my name before I break his jaw

Make him crawl like a snail leavin trails of blood

The only thing you got to witness was the smell of bud

No love for imposters they get assualted

Make a mothafucka bleed out the eye socket

Out smarted any fool that ever tried to come close

The barrel of my snub is pointed right above they nose

Bullet holes cover your close for tryin to act like a hoe

Got you in the basement facin hell with no where else to go [go]

It's Mr. Shadow the mothafucka always chiefin

Flipin off the world sayin fuck what you believe in


Fuck what you believe in

I'm leavin bodies bleedin

With need of paramedic treatment

911 could resuce you if they hurried

They arrived at the scene

And found your body getting burried

Mr. Shadow:

Now lay your ass down and don't say a fuckin word

Aim at mothafuckas like a deer in a herd

[Gun shots] Plow, the shot is heard in the distance

Break a fool down from a prince to a princess

God is my witness

I feel the sickness of a monster heart is full of rage

That's why I pack a revolver and a switch blade

Bitch made fools get hurt in a brawl

After all your boys are dead who the fuck you gonna call

Don't stall when you talk me

Studderin, I'ma murder that mothafucka for liein

Want me dead then keep tryin

I'm still on the grind back handed fools like ghost

Throwin up the 2-0 and stayin the fuck away from 5-0

Life on Deigo streets we bring nothin but raw scenes

On gangs drugs and guns from the slums of SD

See, I play for keeps and all my people feel the same

So fuck what you believe in, I'ma let the fuckin shot reign


Mr. Shadow:

Intimidation's what you feel when I'm walking towards ya

Look you in the eye, give a grin and then ignore ya

Damn ain't that a trip this mothafucka must be tweakin

That's what you were thinkin but you're life is what I'm seakin

Speakin from the domes puffin green types of dubs [dubs]

Kickin it with fuckin felons a family full of thugs

Slugs bein busted no man is being trusted

For those who thought I wasn't I'm blasted you and your cousin

Lovin every second of this mothafuckin rush

If anybody's watching no stopin it from the hush

It was me with the one with guns in my arms bringin harm

Settin to break alarms droppin bombs I'ma con

Gone out my mind when I choke on my leafs

The last man standin fuck a nation under peace

War is now decleared leave your troops all bleedin

Ain't no one leavin so fuck what you believe in


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

Mr. Shadow
"Other Songs - Mr. Shadow"

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