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Artist/Band: Mr. Shadow
Lyrics for Song: Stalker Of The Night
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

[Mr. Shadow]

I follow you

All of you

Every single one of you

Shadow be the man with the plan

That'll shadder you

Flatter you, with my style

Let me show you how

We do it down south

Yeah, we do it down south

Buildin clout is what it's all about

You know the route

Triple 6 burn the cruisifix

Bringin heat to snitches

In ditches I throw em

These bitches I show em

I'm sicker then a virus

When I slide this bomb

And blow em, apart

The cause be showin futures and paths

And how many of my rivals

I'ma put inside the past

Outlast any mothafucka in a confrontation

You wanna meet your maker

Then you're killer's who you're facin

Like Jason

I sock them sons of bitches through the night

Gotta do the krime right

So I'm turnin off the light

Surprise I'm no where to be found

Not a sound heard

All you feel is the blitz

Like you're swiggin off the Thunderbird

Vision's gettin blurry

And now you're in a hurry

To make a get away

But your ass is gonna stay

Cause I say so

I let's go, my trigger has not heart

And I'm standin in the dark

Bout to blow your ass apart



Who am I

The stalker of your life

You wanna fuck around

Then you have to pay the price

6 feet deep in a mothafuckin hole

I'm takin on your soul

Now you got now where to go


[Mr. Shadow]

I can feel the anger rushin in vein

And in my brain I'm hearin voices

Got no choices

I call my boys to bring the pain

Mary Jane got me trippin

Got me thinkin nothin but the worst

How I want these mothafuckas

Wrapped in plastic ridin in a hearse

But first you re-inverst me

What you owe you oughtta know

That nothin's free

You're payin me to seperate you from your soul

The Lord told me that I'm unforgiven to the death

So the sins that I be doin

Will guarentee your last breath

In the middle of the night

When you hear the dogs bark

You know I'm in your park

You can feel it in your heart

Start to pray say your hail mary's

Try to call the father

But that won't do a damn thing

I put that on my daughter

See I rode with them fools

That be kcikin up dust

Blad headed individuals

Turnin fools into a was

The cause of death is never revealed

Only you and I know what I do and what you feel

But still I never leave a trace

Evidence erased

Place the weapon in your hand

And makin suicide your case

But wait you see the star that's on my chest

5 pointed don't disapoint me

Or I'll put that ass to rest, punk


[Mr. Shadow]

It's a quater after 12

And I know the game well

Got to keep the clientel

So I sell the shit that smells

To hell I send you

And no once can defend you

The Lord can't hear your prayers

So a demon's what he sent you

Remember me the craziest

You know me by my allias

Those bitches that betray


Your savior is diein

Mothafucka stop tryin

I'm standin right behind ya

So lay on the ground

And stay quiet

You're cryin like a bitch

Beggin me to let you leave

Cause at home you got a wife

And a mothafuckin kid

I don't forgive I don't forget

I'll never let you disrespect

And if you do I'm after you

Now there ain't shit that you can do

Mothafucka I'm comin from down under

I'm makin fools wonder

Why I make em fall like thunder

Cause I'ma

Sick ass son of a witch

Grantin em death wishes

Bitches be blowin them death kisses

Quick to be dismissin

You ghost

And then I give a toast

I suppose

To the many dead thugs

Who lived their lives as kriminals

And then I give a grin

After doin all my sins

Second month of 99

Is when this hell on earth begins



Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

Mr. Shadow
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