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[ More Mr. Shadow lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Mr. Shadow
Lyrics for Song: Don't Stop Now (Keep Bangin')
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

[Mr. Shadow (talking)]

Oh yeah

Mr. Shadow up in this bitch once again

Introducing' my homeboy Young Siccness

Chillin' in the studio with my man Vicious

Whisper, and the homeboy Hittman

Beyond Entertainment, Whisper

What you gotta say bro?


Drop some heat on these fools Shadow

Better reckon know this!

[Mr. Shadow]

It's the darkness form around you

How I found you don't know

All you remember is The Shadow

That done put you on the floor

Two of the sickest, Shadow and Siccness

Bring the drama, you know where I'ma stick this

Witness with this Triple 6

Our 6's knockin' bustas off my shit list

Hit these muthafuckas wanna buck us for the title

I'm homicidal making fools a thing of the past

Like chapter's in the bible

My rivals and foes all know the survivals

Are known in the streets

But I rome you won't make it home

Let it go, In San Diego in the capital of the Metham...phetamines

Applying fiends, that don't believe in dreams and I

Been feeling happy on the trigger like the homey Whisper

Won't hesitate to separate you from your mom and sister

It's the dismissal of your ghost, I'm the host

And I put that on my lady and my baby, I'm the most

Requested, I suggested that you left the shit alone

But you didn't wanna listen, so I put the chrome to your dome

[Chorus] {Mr. Shadow}

Don't stop now...keep bangin

Load jo clip...start sprayin'

Prayin' won't...save you

Mr. Shadow and Young Siccness

Inflict it on you


[Young Sicc]

Well as I step on the scene

People askin', "Who is this?"

Introducin' on the list

I'll be that thug Mr. Siccness

Wouldn't wanna be fucking with this

And if you try you'll meet the Smith and West

Me and the homey Shadow, teaching these gangsters a lesson

If you guessin' that your gonna be tested, fool I gotta confess

I'll be quick and bring the sneak, wiping these suckas up off they feet

These lyrics get told, explode through your area codes

And quick to be change in crowds and two of murder's most

I'll be bring the funk, you talked your smack, it's on like that

Better be watching your back

Cause ain't no telling when the Thugs on thee attack

Watch me get my dump on, while you get your slump on

Ask your lady who'd she jumped on

It was me, I got my FUCK ON

You whack ass fools, you need protection

Quick to bring the sickness like infections

So stay the FUCK UP OUT my section

These gangster lyrics assassinate muthafuckas like 1-2-3

When I seen you'd had enough, then I know for sure youse R-I-P fool


[Mr. Shadow]

It's the third and final chapter of the disaster that we caused

Make your calls, strap your balls, bring your boys and watch them fall

Like Niagara, I'm harder than Viagra when I'm on ya

And I'm quick yo drop bombs, representing Killa-fornia

My records are golden like the state

Who can relate to, the level of a devil, motherfuck you and the rebel punk

It ain't where you're from, it's where you be

What you doin', what you see

Remain silent and listen carefully

It is me the one that you wanted to haunt, I finding my weapon

You will not be stepping, I'm gonna be checking these

Motherfuckers I'm bind to be breaking lead up less than a second

Your section is discontinued, Shadow and Sicc up in you

Two of the hardest on the menu, steppin' hell is where I'll send you

Defend you no one can cause I got chu in a ditch

And that's what you get when you act like a bitch

Remember these words like prayers, cause my behavior

Is disturbing to those who apposed, trying to survive like ?? fool


[Mr. Shadow (talking)]

HaHaHaHa yeah

So what you think Whisper

You think me and my homeboy

Young Sicc drop shit on these motherfuckas or what dawg?


You know this, now they better really reckon know this

[Mr. Shadow]

Yeah, that's how we do it California style

Mr. Shadow, Young Siccness, Lil' Whisper, Hittman

Beyond Entertainment, doing it the Vicious way, the only way Motherfuckas

[Young Sicc]

And we out fools, fucking beyond

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mr. Shadow

Mr. Shadow
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