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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Best Hustler
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto Bill [2005]


It's the return of a living legend mayne; I done did it once

And you ain't never seen nobody do it again huh?

You gotta love it, cause it's real mayne

This for everybody out there searchin for somethin

Ain't nothin wrong with makin it out

Stay focused, get what you can get man and keep movin

Never look back

[Master P]

How could a nigga shoot enough callings of the clip and kill three

One hit away I'm here for a reason this was meant to be

Most niggaz want titles and they, rap for fame

I'm the Ghetto Bill gangsta, best hustling in the rap game

Homies run they mouth in the hood like Jose Canseco

'fore they steal raw cream that I keep up in my Saints coat

I put the Cali on the map my nigga

And I'll never kiss radio or TV ass, I'll go back to slangin pillars

And most niggaz they'll bust under pressure

Don't matter how much money you got, police'll still sweat ya

When you black and rich and you rollin and you ballin

I got golds in my mouth and I'm reppin New Orleans

They say he, young and he crazy and his brother doin a bid

I had changed my life, I'm tryin to be here for these kids

But, most niggaz'll still point the finger

And take yo' kindness for weakness 'til a motherfucker bang ya


Call all hip hop dot coms, The Source, the Vibe, XXL, Murder Dog

I'm not lookin for stripes or stars my nigga, I gets paper, y'know?

When I do a deal it's not a licensing deal, IT'S ME

I gets my money! Cause I'm a hustler

But anybody think they can get rid of me

Man I ain't goin nowhere 'til I'm done with this - you feel me?

And then I'ma sic my son on y'all, ya heard me?

[Master P]

Real niggaz see through these fakers so it's time to expose 'em

You can't come from the radio or suburb and

try to hold these streets down, seen niggaz get beat down

Scarface and Jake, put this out on the map, I got a piece now

Made over fo' hundred million and change

Still kept it real, never disrespected the game

And y'all niggaz know how I, love Atlanta

But it's mo' to the South what about Florida and Alabama

Mississippi, Louisiana, St. Louis - "Country Grammar"

Tennessee and Texas, Billy Boys rollin Phantoms

Oklahoma, Arkansas, Carolina to Kentucky

Dem Boyz got golds, candy paint on buttons

Even doe Lil Wayne, and Baby like to stunt

They still stayed humble and Cash Money blew up

Three 6 got a chance, Young Buck kept it real

Now we connected this thing from New Orleans to Ca$hville


And most of these youngsters, they forget where they came from

If it wasn't, labels like Rap-A-Lot, there wouldn't be no, No Limit

And then No Limit opened the doors for the rest of South so

It's like, this whole "Bout it Bout It" thang man was like a movement

But it was real because it ain't like battlin on records man

It's about livin it's about survivin it's about go and get paper ya feel me?

[Master P]

I stole my first car, with a nigga named Herb

If I thank I seen the police I put it to the curb

We was, young and buckwild in the hood havin fun

A van drove by and my boy caught one

My heart poundin, I was chasin the past

I seen Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ by the brass

I'm so glad Josie decide not to have that abortion

and put me in a can or even take me to the ocean

Seen so many crack babies get high and mothers give up

Man I'm a No Limit Soldier, I had to get up

My boy Boz had a lil' change, I had a lil' change

Fuck we put it together den we jumped up in the game

Then Big Momma told me boy you gon' be a star

But I never thought I'd make it from the hood and go so far

My pops told me son you gotta watch them haters

You could survive the game and bounce back but don't fuck with fakers


Maaan, I coulda been did this shit but I'm not on no industry shit my nigga

I had to find me, I had to find who I wanted to be

I did this shit ten years still here, 75 million records nigga

I don't see no nigga out there could top that or try

But if you can my nigga and you do then that's cool too

But I'm not gon' never disrespect when another nigga come up

Or never forget where I came from my nigga

That's what this about, this about teachin mayne

Savin these kids, you know

I ain't battle rappin, I ain't sittin around here tryin to make a gimmick

This me man I ain't tryin to be the best rapper

I'm tryin to be the best hustler, ever came to the rap game, you feel me?

That's my title my nigga if you gotta give me one, I'm 'bout gettin paper

I just throw it up to my boy Myke Diesel for hookin me up with this dope mayne

We out this bitch mayne, or should I say we back in this motherfucker

You feel me?

Album Lyrics: Ghetto Bill [2005]

Master P
"Ghetto Bill [2005]"

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