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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: There They Go
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto Bill [2005]

[Chorus: Master P - repeat 2X]

Where them thugs at - there they go

Where them thug girls at - there they go

Where them ballers at - there they go

If you came to get buck then throw yo' hood up

[Drumma Boy]

I pull up at the club, drinkin and I'm gettin loose

I'm V.I.P. I ain't thinkin how I'm gettin through

I'm chillin with P and I'm actin the fool

When your girl see the Tank then I'm snatchin your boo

I'm in the 'llac, Halleluyah in the Coupe

My dawgs in the back with the gats and the food

Yeah - it's young Drumma, straight from the slums of

where niggaz shine to stay on the come up

Niggaz jealous from the ice on my neck

Don't be alarmed nigga cause I'm nice with the tec

Shorty lookin right in her dress

When I took her home, skipped talk, right into sex

Yep! I'm the truth, you the other man

You think you're hot but I'll prove you're like an oven fan

I got them broads sayin dude so wicked

Straight from the South man, New No Limit, yeah


[Master P]

You can find us on the block with that rock boy

I'm a New No Limit Soldier, not a hot boy

Put my name on the ward, I'm a legend like Hook

Posted up on the block with the killers and crooks

Ghetto Bill could never be no stunna nigga

What I got, cars for the winter and summer nigga

You don't know me keep my name out your motherfuckin mouth

'fore I send some fuckin killers to yo' house

And the game get real, so niggaz pack steel

When some shit pop off you better get it how you live

From the city, where we don't give a fuck about snitches

We in the club V.I.P. finger fuckin some bitches

So where them ballers at, shot callers at

I'm like Warren G shorty, gimme alla dat

Before I leave baby girl, you could slip me the digits

And later on you could play with the lizard, you heard me?


Album Lyrics: Ghetto Bill [2005]

Master P
"Ghetto Bill [2005]"

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