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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Love Hate
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto Bill [2005]


Only thing I could tell y'all, it ain't like what you think

I'll never speak on my people

[Chorus 4X: Master P]

Same thing make you laugh'll make you cry

They claim that they love you then they hate you at the same time

[Master P]

It's a shame mayne, I can't change mayne

They'd rather see me on the block catch two to the brain mayne

I'm tryin to be here for my son to get bigger

And you ain't real 'less you got a gun and droppin a nigga mayne

I try to change my life, I try to do right

But I feel like a felon on my third strike

Cops pull me over, try to harass me

I seen the R. Kelly tape but these young girls nasty mayne

And the ghetto is infected with AIDS

I've done seen so many young black males on the pave'

Died with they eyes open, leave momma's heart broken

Got that dope in the hood, niggaz still smokin

No education mayne, just inflation mayne

A bunch of ghetto people out here tryin to make it mayne

Niggaz'll test you when they know you a killer

My people livin for the lottery man scratch 'em and peel 'em




I pour out liquor for my niggaz who done fell victim

Whether they behind the trigger or the shell hit 'em, listen

I guzzle beers for my brothers that's missin

Whether they in a box or they locked in state prison nigga

Tattooed tears, to represent the day

Of the ones that caught that hot slug to the head mayne

This for my niggaz on the block misled

Who think they gotta hold glocks or cock rocks to cop bread mayne

Listen instead, I think I got a better plan

To bring you a brighter day, make you a better man

Switch the hustle, try to get your mind on

gettin legit in the world, nigga get your grind on

Paper come in other ways, even though crime pays

Put down your 9 my nigga, use your mind today

And you'll see, your paper start to multiply

The same thing that make you laugh, man'll make you cry


Album Lyrics: Ghetto Bill [2005]

Master P
"Ghetto Bill [2005]"

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