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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: I Ain't Play'n
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto Bill [2005]


Nigga what'chu worryin 'bout whassup with me?

What fire is that, what house I'm rollin on?

Do I holla at Curt, what's Unc doin?

What's up with Suave? Nigga you dem people {?}

[Chorus 4X: Master P]

Snitches stop callin the cops - cause I ain't playin

Better watch what you say on the block - cause I ain't playin

[Master P]

I left the hood for a week, and my name start ringin

Like I'm hustlin sellin dope, you got beef then bring it

I heard fire did this, and P.D. they trippin

That's why I sleep with two gats you never catch me slippin

I smell pussy, and most of you niggaz are rats

See I'm a dog motherfucker and I don't fuck with you cats

Callin me on the phone, nigga lookin for cola

How could a nigga from the hood nigga turn into the roller

This shit's so twisted, it got me trippin

Got the feds thinkin I've got birds in the kitchen

These niggaz'll throw salt in your name my nigga

Just to get a couple dollars and some fame my nigga

It ain't no loyalty, your only family'll set you up

For the right price my nigga they'll wet you up

I watched niggaz get ghost, when shit be over

How many niggaz gon' visit C, if he go to Angola


[Master P]

Man this music shit political dawg, don't fuck with it

I'd invest in somethin else if I wasn't already in it

Man most of these niggaz'll just yap they mouth

Send subliminal messages 'til shit get out

Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see

See the rap game is dirty like the C-P-3

Most niggaz'll fear death, these streets is real black

Our radio programmers think they holdin careers back

And Hollywood bitches be ready to wife a nigga

All you need is a hit record and some ice my nigga

And the media dickriders slow up like flat tires

Seen they lil' career blow up again when shit dies

They say we ignorant and we stereotype

Even seen Michael Jackson live the criminal life

See these haters'll hate mayne, smile in your face mayne

Call them people on ya try to give you a case mayne



Heh, he he

If y'all don't know us

Y'all better keep our name out y'all motherfuckin mouth

Cause it's gon' get real ugly after this you feel me?

Y'all can't beat us then join us

Album Lyrics: Ghetto Bill [2005]

Master P
"Ghetto Bill [2005]"

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