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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Shake What Ya Got
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto Bill [2005]

[Master P]

Hey ma [repeat 3X]

Hey ma, you want a lil' or a lot

[Chorus: Master P - repeat 2X]

Shake it for me shorty, work what you got

I ain't gon' stop 'til I hit that spot

Front to the back to the bottom to the top

I ain't gon' stop 'til I hit that spot

[Verse One: Master P, C-Los]

It's like cancer mayne, I roll massive mayne

You see them thighs and that butt, she's a dancer mayne

I keep it gully like I don't even see her

Tell my boy in the cut man holla when you see her

I'm bling blingin man, me and Ghetto Bill

I put my number on a hundred dollar bill

You want to party shorty, you need to call me shorty

I talk country cause you know I'm from New Orleans shorty

Let yourself go - you can get naughty shorty

P. Miller shoes on that candy red Ferrari shorty

Yeah I'm young but I spit it through my soul like I'm old

One of the reason my pockets stay swoll when I roll

Los hold the fo'fo, headin low, slow stroll

Keep an attitude for women that's, oh so cold

Yeah I see you actin up, this the way to back it up

We them No Limit boys you know our paper stackin up


[Verse Two]

Don't stop ma, drop it like it's hot

Get low with it, go with it, show me you a pro with it

I'm usually not the type to jock

But you sorta like the type that I would like to watch

Shake that, make that thang go to the flo'

I'm not Omarion but I could make you say OH

Let's go from the Willow to the Ward

Don't hold nuttin back ma, let me get it all

[Verse Three: Tank]

Let a thug get up in that, Tank tryin to pin that

Back it out, toss ya up, 360 spin that

We in it to win that, body for the weekend

You can bring your girlfriends I'ma bring the heaters

Ready for heavy breathin, pumpin and sweatin

We can do it all night, girl you 'bout that right?

'Less you front on my people we ain't comin to fight

We comin to toss money, now shake somethin for me


[Verse Four]

Look at shawty, she movin like a damn machine

Man she mean, she shakin like a tamborine

Booty bustin out her pants and seams

So that may be why her cheeks bounce like kids on trampolines

Yeahh - I'm just sayin how she walk she can

make you put Bucks on her like a Milwaukee fan

Now I'm layin backwards, stayin back now I'm payin stacks

Cause her ass bouncin like the ball when you playin jacks

Now I ain't sayin that I'm trickin at all

But if she fine like a waiter I'll be tippin a broad

She strippin it off, it's probably cause the stacks the man hold

The 'llacs to Land, Rolls, I'm a Black Soprano

In the back with tanned pros, now let's do a little math

Add me and subtract your pants slow

I wanna see you clown on the dance flo'

So shake like ya pros and bounce to the banjos


Album Lyrics: Ghetto Bill [2005]

Master P
"Ghetto Bill [2005]"

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