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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Dope Man
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto Bill [2005]

Don't try this at home if you ain't no real hustler

I'm like Betty Crocker in the kitchen

The Ice Cream Man back, you lil' boys been fuckin the game up

But just watch and listen and you might get paid

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Dope man, dope man - yeah that's me

I can flip a half an ounce to a quarter ki'

Dope man, dope man - yeah that's me

I used to slang in the hood now I'm on TV

[Master P]

The first lesson in the cookin of dope

You need water, bakin soda, P-12 and a stove

Take a mayonnaise jar, put it in the pot

Pour some cold water on it before the glass pop

You see some liquid yeah don't po' that out

Because that's the type of shit gon' get you a car or a house

I mean, shake it up 'til the shit turn white

And don't sell to no snitches cause that's 20 to life

You can't trust nobody, not even your boo

You got one pistol? Man get you three or two

You can find us on the corner, man sellin that cream

And we don't fuck with no weed 'less it's purple or green


[Master P]

I done made a lil' money and it's time to invest

I bought some chrome spinnin shoes man the size of Shaq

The Caddy needed paint so I dipped it in candy

Put some ice on my wrists like I'm goin to the Grammy

I'm a country boy so let the truth be told

The last couple of these I brought a couple of gold

I went to the club, got a couple of hoes

Call me Ghetto Bill, I'm tryin to flip me a roll

Handle that rock like I'm goin to the pros

I got boys that'll tag ya toe

Send money to the pen my homies doin the {?}

I got it for 16-5 if you lookin for coke


[Master P]

I heard a couple of homies snitchin, they didn't want to go to jail

Now you done changed my life, seen my boy get killed

No mo' standin on the block with them nickels and dimes

Ready to take it to the streets with these gangster rhymes

I told Drumma, man mix me a beat

We in the club shorty feelin the freaks

I'm in the hood or I'm on TV

You can't mention the South 'less you mention me

Cause I'm the nigga put the Ice Cream in the dope game

I'm the nigga put the UNNNNGH in the rap game

I'm the first motherfucker to say "hot boy"

And I could never fall off, cause I'll go back to slangin rocks boy

I taught the world how to do dat dere

So stop hatin man, I mean you right there

I'm like, bad grass I ain't goin nowhere

It's the New No Limit shorty this is our year


Album Lyrics: Ghetto Bill [2005]

Master P
"Ghetto Bill [2005]"

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