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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Thug Chick
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto Bill [2005]

[Master P]

I like a bad chick like, Martha Stewart that go to jail

and holdin these streets down, Lisa Raye be a entertainer

and still got a ghetto pass, Oprah Winfrey, Pimp TV

and Paris Hilton get paid to play, that's how I like it

[Chorus: Master P]

I like a thug chick, I want a bad bitch [repeat 8X]

[Master P]

Give me a, country girl with tits like Ali [wolf whistle]

Ghetto as fuck with a face like Halle

In the club she likes to get rowdy

And only fuck with thugs cause you know she 'bout it

I like 'em black, Puerto Rican, white, Haitian

Asian, Columbian, latino, Jamaican

Attitude like Wendy Williams, a ride or die chick

Thug girls in the club raise 'em up high miss

Pussy pop for me, make it drop for me

Be a lady on the block but keep it hot for me

Go to school, go to work, talk proper

Problems in the hood man shorty got the chopper

Get your nails done, get your hair fixed

Play it how it go, fuck it, ice up your wrists

Be a thug chick, keep it real miss

Tattoos, custom golds, you a boss bitch



Look - mami in the club and she shakin like she workin

Look - mami movin right, man I'm likin how she twerkin

Man she do it all night, like she ride with a purpose

And like Juvenile said, I need some mouth lip service - heyy

Baby said she smokin, started lightin up the purple

I ain't lyin, she a dime, from a hood where they merk you

I said, fuck it man, I'ma take my chances

She look good in that shirt, and them respect pants-es yeah

Mami by the bar, every nigga wanna holla

Buyin drinks, writin phone numbers a hundred dollars

I'ma tell you like this, I ain't gotta do shit

Cause she catch cold chills when she glance at the wrist - heyy

Mami got the Louis with the Prada on her hip

And them six inch heels got her flossin so sick

And them Christian Dior's lookin good on her frame

I like how you move, keep doin yo' thang


[Master P - fading out]

Do that dance [repeat 4X]

Hey mahhhh, heyyyyy, okay!

Do that dance [repeat 4X]

Hey mahhhh, heyyyyy, okay!

Album Lyrics: Ghetto Bill [2005]

Master P
"Ghetto Bill [2005]"

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