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Artist/Band: Urban Dance Squad
Lyrics for Song: Burnt Up Cigarette
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Urban Dance Squad

Yo gotta bad habit

But you hit it

Comin' down yo block

So uplifted it

Showed me yo nose bone, big trick

Burn up yo nose, you little maggot

Close to a faggot, you've bin

Down the stations drugged in sexed again

Bin yin 'n yang, doin' that thang

Where it ends, a next bang

Boom, I presume yo ego needed room

Monkeys on yo back

Couldn't stand alone yo doom

Wanna be a rockstar, with two hands,

Lies can't go now, you lost yo hand

Hated normal people, hide with alter ego

Woman 'n a child, so yo talked all cheap yo

Say you wanna gonna run a thing soon

Five years later, still howlin' at the moon

Semi-anarchist, fond of cannabis,

Should've helped you out the pits

But your brain went sick

Even on yo job, playin' like a slob

Glory pops up

Claimed to be top, sick of hard labour

Got the vapours

Push comes to show

I went out like toiletpaper

Got shank in yo hand

For I was the man

Wish yo were in front, you know yo never can

Sad, sad, this boy got it bad

Throw up a fit - it's me you wanna hit

Picture that with a nikon camera, click

I know you use people

I know you use people

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Urban Dance Squad

Urban Dance Squad
"Other Songs - Urban Dance Squad"

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4. Burnt Up Cigarette
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