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Artist/Band: Urban Dance Squad
Lyrics for Song: Hangout
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Urban Dance Squad

I'm down, I'm down,

I should be one of the beatles

Life's a sad song, hard to tweedle deedle

Just to catch a nod, be off,

Bring home the bacon

Humiliations from the boss

Tha costs what I'm takin', fakin' many smiles

What I truly mean is wild

Wanna scar them like the tracks on wax

But meanwhile

Hang out, hang out

Play the make up, fake up like max factor

Be an actor, distractor

To catch the ducats, I'm the collector

Big job in the city, city of liars behind me

Break home, rest the dome, drag won't find me

The crib's so nice, so nice

I feel to socialize

Next door, they explore how I live

Then realise patience is a cup

Easily turned to the next drop

To reach the top

I built up on the rooftop hangout

Hang out, hang out

I'm gulliver, I'm gulliver

Like gulliver callin' for independence

With transcendence against daily bore

Communicate with birds, sky 'n space

Head reach stratosphere with a philly blunt haze

Fly like kite, take heights like the space shuttle

If you got a skin, keep dreams in sync

Or you might tumble or

Hang out, hang out

Naggin' hard to tame and I've been blamed

For what I want

Sex might be for runds

Ain't with honey drip bonds

A stunt she's for giving lips about this

All debts on her lap

Man so I pay the bills,

Little rhythm rhyme skills

Nine to five I build

Gotz to relax to score

Be mature honey 'n chill

With the rent of the month, the period of the month

Headcracker has begun

The place that I got to run is the

Hang out, hang out

I truly believe I got that giant's feel

I truly believe I got that giant's leap

I truly believe I got that giant's feel

You gotta watch me take a hundred storey height

Hang out, hang out

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Urban Dance Squad

Urban Dance Squad
"Other Songs - Urban Dance Squad"

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