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Artist/Band: Urban Dance Squad
Lyrics for Song: Routine
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Urban Dance Squad

How can I see clearer

through that mirror

you're not nearer

than myself

I tried to brush my teeth yes

I must confess

tears just wetsplashed

on tha shelf

I tried to drink liquid from a cup

eat cereal lump by lump

af fullgrown baby that sobs

for his care got stoppped

Routine, routine, routine, routine

Feelin' I mean like takin' a bath with

my toaster takin' a brick for a swim

yeah what's the use of even

(breathin' now you're leavin')

I tried to join tha ratrace

and tha worldpace

stand tha grey lane on tha bus

I tried to find my way to tha mall

at k-mart, I just fell apart

and hey, what's in a brands name

for it all tastes tha same with that routine

Routine, routine

day in, day out

routine, routine

pullin' me down

Routine, routine, routine, routine

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Urban Dance Squad

Urban Dance Squad
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