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Artist/Band: Urban Dance Squad
Lyrics for Song: Selfstyled
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Urban Dance Squad

I gotta be, selfstyled

I gotta be, selfstyled

Call me a poser

I may be the world's biggest scam

Now maybe I'm open like a book

It's just the way you look

Man I am takin' some props

Before the world's gonna give 'm little rhyme

Little bit egocentric livin'

Ain't gonna, wanna take what is his/hers

I take my life like a drape

Gonna wear it like a t-shirt first nothing served

Given, when it comes to play roles

My fifteen minutes o' fame,

Oops, sorry andy warhol ain't gonna quail at weight

Of my ego scale

To a point take it as a joint

Let's inhale

Suppose you just can't see

Inside the man, the hero in me

So maybe it's just the way you look

I got the people buggin' like a housewife's a nagger

Mick jagger givin' lip 'n walk with a dagger

You wanna lowrate me to a paperhanger

No chance, hang on to my ego

Hold on like I was cliffhanger

With the grandeur factor

Force with cause flavor plus the charisma

I kick like horse

Hypo/ripe so I flip scripts never negative

Flow funky shit, like my name was laxative

And you people want me to stick to the ground

That's far too down to earth now

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Urban Dance Squad

Urban Dance Squad
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