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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: 17 Reasons
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Master P

car full of weed

didn't see him creep up

hit him in the jaw

took him for his phone and his beeper

left him on the ground, caughin blood

pissed in the ????, then pulled the plug

2 to the dome, didn't let him suffer

and like a chicken, put him in the pot then smother

life in the Rich, gotta think quick

be about your money, you can't trust a bitch

fucked in the game, gettin paid dues

but when they tagged his toe, the boy made the news

and like Spice said, from bodies to zags

from forties to funeral

just another nigga on the grass dead

18 and bad luck, nobody gives a fuck

here comes a black truck

2 days later everybody cryin

and at the funeral bangers in line

here comes his mother pushin through the crowd

screamin oh my god don't killm y child

I'm in the back dressed in khakies

9 in my pocket caue P is trigga happy

Lil O.G. pushing tapes and c.d.'s

puttin in work like some Levi jeans

and when my number's called, you know I'm ready bro

cause I got 17 reasons, I'll let you know

17 reasons, to let go

shoot em up, bang bang, you fuckin with a psycho

17 reasons, to let go

shoot em up, bang bang, you fuckin with a psycho

17 reasons, to let go

shoot em up, bang bang, you fuckin with a psycho

back on the scene

P making green, playa hatas hate to see a nigga go clean

ain't slangin dope, but got dope tapes

went worldwide, started from the Bay

from No Limit to SMG

put it in the trunk, ship it across the sea

Saint get the check, King break they neck

it's all legit, like Solar Flex

one blow and I'll drop ya, you might need a doctor

a nigga getaway, C-Murder got the Shocker

stuck to your ass, played you like a bitch

mark ass niggas get the motherfuck 86

besides wanna run up and mean mug the P

fools comeup short, Silkk get their teeth

stick it in the ground, till it turn blue

and if a fool live he be suckin on soup

stuck em in the car with a broken jaw

it ain't what you heard, it's what you saw

retaliation's a must, that's why I bust

but fool, got 17 reasons

shut you motherfuckin ass up

17 reasons, to let go

shoot em up, bang bang, you fuckin with a psycho

17 reasons, to let go

shoot em up, bang bang, you fuckin with a psycho

17 reasons, to let go

shoot em up, bang bang, you fuckin with a psycho

gold on my ride

4 woofers, 2 Alpines

and when the Lexus stop

hoochies wanna form lines

fiends on my shit

lookin for a hit

watchin them niggas ????

trying to get a fix

I walk with a limp, mean like a soldier

Colt 45, gone off that donja

Master P, the nappy head fool

don't give a fuck, don't play by no rules

rata-tat-tat, just like the Brat

P leaving suckas stuck on their back

better check his pulse, left him with his eyes open

struck him from the back, god damn watch his head open

throw him off the cliff, take him to the torcher ship

and this was who

I'll be like Shawn Kemp

dumpin bodies off straight to the morturary

Master P, in the hood, Black Dirty Harry

Richmond Balla, 23rd Street hustla

still independent, started from the gutter

went big time, took to the gangsta rhyme

put the town on the map, that's the fucking like of crime

the hoods gettin hectic,

the P well respected

but got to pack some heat

incase some fool test me

17 reasons, to let go

shoot em up, bang bang, you fuckin with a pyscho

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Master P

Master P
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