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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Bangin'
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Master P


Huh, niggaz be like wonderin where tha Ice Cream Man been at

I been down South countin my marbles nigga

But I got two sides

Damn it feels good to be back in the Yea Area, I mean the Westside

With these motherfuckin West Coast Bad Boyz

Westside Connection, Ice Cube, W.C., and Mack 10

Nigga y'all know the Westside is Bout It Bout It

It's the I-N-G-L-E here to trouble you, W double-oh D

See me, I take this gangbang shit to hold mouthes

Beach coup, the hood patrol wit my flag in ya mommas style

I throw my set up, I ret up, Nigga I break up

No hollow points so I don't jam tha tec up, dog

I put tha Cavi all day to parlay, when niggaz trip I spray

Then is anybody here all day, shit I trizit to my clizit

Who wanna fuck wit it, since tha World is a ghetto

looks like I'm stuck wit it, Killa Cali is the state murder

Everyday it's a homie, lay my rag in a casket and retaliate

Nigga who is you, what side is you, red or blue

I gets my drop on, I regulate the turf I stomp on

Everytime I see some I grabs me gun

Red rum red rum and Inglewood is where I be from

Boom boom bang on I bust back, fuck that

Loud strings in my chucks and a maroon velvet golf hat

I let my holsters hang loose, no truce, no tamin

Westside niggaz for life, it's gangbangin


Red rag blue rag, watchin niggaz sag

44 mag, throwin up flags

If you Bout it what you claimin, fuck what you slangin

Ain't no tamin Westside gangbangin

What do I got get high for, what would I lie for

And what would I die for

Westside is the best side you got to know

Keep a calico by the bedside, this what I'm all about

Now which one of y'all motherfuckers shot up my momma's house?

It ain't no rules when you ain't got

nuttin to lose, and a gang of tattoos

So throw ya muthaphukkin, set high in the air

If you don't care, to ride a wheelchair

Watch what hood you select

Many niggaz get checked for the tat on they neck

We got the cannabis bombay, G ride Hyundai, ya best ta pray we don't

Find out where ya stay, lookin at my momma thru a glass window

Up in L.A. before it was called South Central

Makin niggaz like new statistics while bumpin my Stylistics, and

I'm locin, smokin dat yermon as a youngsta

Now I'm big and strong as Herman Munster

It's the set I threw up, tha only way ta go

It's the way i grew up, the only way I know, fa sho'

It ain't about Crip or Blood, and it'll never die

Because there's too much love


High as a ki-zite tonite, rollin on my ci-zite

With that Dub-S to that C-lite

I'm ready, but them niggaz on wait

Tey get beat like hussein by tis gangbang track

Young hustler, geyda pusher, leg crusher

Nigga make way for this Neighborhood quickster

Raised in a system, gang affiliated

America, take a look at what you created

Started in a section, grew like an erection, spreaded like cancer

Now tha country's infected, gangbangin world wide, beat the death pole

I guess the world really is a motherfuckin ghetto

But Westside niggaz are the craziest, that's why I'm keepin

My fingas on deez, loaded clips, cause we done served two of them men

Ain't no tellin what them niggaz gone get

If they done try to retaliate

I can't sleep, cause death is lookin foe me

I can't shake tha jacket, too many niggaz know me, Shazzam!!

I guess I'm in too deep, fuck cullas, I'm riddin over low term beef

[Chorus 2X]

Gang bangin, huh, Cube nigga wassup, W.C., Mack 10, Master P

Gang bangin nigga, uhhhh, we rowdy, we Bout It Bout It

Told y'all niggaz the Westside the best side

We gots sumpin foe all you hatas nigga regulate

Bringin the whole motherfuckin west side, red blue together

Makin green nigga, makin green


Nigga it's all right ta be a G, Westside Connection

Live for red and blue, my nigga Masta P

But ain't no more God for us nigga

But we can live for that green

The legal way baby, the legal way

This song is dedicated, to everybody who fallen victim to gangbangin

World wide Westside, real niggaz of tha world unite

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Master P

Master P
"Other Songs - Master P"

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