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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Greens, Cornbread, And Cabbage
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Master P

What's up niggas and bitches


We ain't no motherfucking rookies at making cowards

(We ain't no rookies at making fame)

Fetti nigga, that's why I'm gon' call this Fedex

(Fetti, fedex)

It's all about moola that money, scrilla

(Moola, money, scrilla)

All mighty motherfucking dollar

(All mighty dollar)

Hundreds, thousands, millions and trillions

(Hundreds, thousands, millions, trillions)

We got this shit sewed up nigga

(Sewed up)

From the South to the Midwest

(From the South to the Midwest)

To the West, to the East Coast

(To the West Coast, to the East Coast)

Y'all know how to get yo scrilla

(Y'all know how to get yo scrilla)

Hoes in the club showing love, ask tela

I got hoes on the beeper just like mosquitoes

Niggas want to fuck with the P, I'm making scrilla


Labeled and tagged me yo neighborhood dealer

Got this game gripped got the hoes wanting sacks

Got niggas in the hood waiting on me for crack

Fifteen five for a key, now I'm rolling

Gold thangs hit the block nigga, but it ain't stolen

And I came to get my keys for the sound and the edibowa

Nigga, I ain't scarface, but got the money and the power

Coming down hard, living in the South

(Hard south)

Got killers watching my back with that gold in they mouth

Bitches getting booked on for motherfucking P

(Booked on)

Agent C station

Should I say player hating?

(Player hating)

Niggas take vacation one way ticket is to hell, niggas feel me

It's all about the 20's and the 50's niggas feel me

Trying to get my paper, it's all about my scrilla

(Paper, scrilla)

Big Mo got that mack 11-9 for y'all killers

Rolling through the South, trying to check them honeys

(South honeys)

Got them beans trying to flip them dope fiends hundreds

I ain't even stopping if a cop is on my tail


Big boz got that AK nigga and that's real

Rolling in that rover


Smoking on that dolja


A no limit soldier, y'all haters, y'all can't hold us

Niggas got green, fuck cashing checks


Hooked up with three niggas, they call them prime suspects

Now a nigga got the shit gangstafied like Kane and Abel

Niggas got more clientele than niggas got cable

But, niggas through to the gizame, niggas slanging them bizangs

My best partner Andrew Jackson, Ben Franklin understand

Trying to get greens, cornbread & cabbage

Trying to get greens, cornbread & cabbage

Trying to get greens, cornbread & cabbage

Trying to get greens, cornbread & cabbage

Papa was a junky brain, fried on that coke

Snorting heroin in the middle of a seventy show

But, you wonder why my lifestyle it be kind of rough

It's them little green guys, a nigga can't get enough

Zoned out like Kujo, ain't sleeped in three days

On an all night flight trying to get

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Master P

Master P
"Other Songs - Master P"

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26. Greens, Cornbread, And Cabbage
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