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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Hit Em Up
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Master P

I got nu-thin to lose (ungh!)

Pass me a ski mask, a glock, and my tennis shoes

I got nu-thin to lose

Pass me a ski mask a glock, and my tennis shoes (ungh!)

Chorus: Mercedez

You need to get, your life together

(hit em up, get em up, stick em up)

South money and hustlin, don't last forever

(Hit em up, get em up, stick em up)

Some say that G's make the world go round

(hit em up, get em up, stick em up)

You say you got nothin to lose, but who got a back when ya down?

(Hit em up, get em up, stick em up)

[Master P]

Man, I'm bout it, bout to get rowdy

I ain't even trippin if y'all fools doubt me

Penetentiary chances, I done danced with it

Died and went Hell, came back, down to do whatever

Hit em up (hit em up) stick em up, pick em up

I hope ya got insurance on ya brand new truck

Mama need food in the icebox

And I need some new Jordan with some white sock

Bout to rob Peter, to pay Paul

The ghetto got me crazy, but I won't fall

On my way to Arizona, got it sewed up

down South with the task all on it *sirens*

Bout to put five in the stash box

Called the C-Murder up for them plastic glocks

Beeper ringin, Silkk forgot the neck on some chicken

Cristal, parlay with Beck, gettin riches

No longer, livin in condos

It's mansions and fifty inch windows

Marble floors, tailor made suits

Lex Luthor, Ferraris, windows be bulletproof

Me work a nine to five, fool I like the good life

Seen mama so much, she slapped my face cause I ain't livin right

Me give it up, I get rowdy

Grabbed the gat, hit the street and the highway, I'm bout it, bout it


[Silkk the Shocker]

I gots, nuthin to lose, I'm on the run like The Fugitive

My spot kinda hot, so I can't go where I used to live

Me and P ridin dirty, in the Yukon

Bout to get caught in due time, different place every state a new crime

Grab a ski mask and two nines, say money make the world go round

from out between the knocks I lets em in

Can't lose, gotta win, false move, end up in the pen

How many I kill goin for the cash

Dude, I gotta do it for the stash

Fill the getaway car up with gas, with the smash

Whatever we make, P, we goin in half

A nigga sex money and greed, costs of livin lavish

Hey I'ma get ya for what you got

If you ain't got it, act like you don't have it

I grab my gun before I grab my shoes

Everything on the line, so I can't lose

Man, look, you know Silkk, you know I'm bout to act a fool

So I'm a be gon away like a breeze

Run through like, all type of trees

I ain't gon stop til the cops say freeze, I can't lose

[Master P]

I got nuthin to lose

Pass me a ski mask, a glock, and my tennis shoes



We're in it deep, and we're in it to win it

(hit em up, get em up, stick em up)

In other words, there ain't no stoppin No Limit

(hit em up, get em up, stick em up)

Master P, Mercedez, T-R-U

(hit em up, get em up, stick em up)

After them, dead presidents, cause we have nuthin to lose

(Hit em up, get em up, stick em up)


Little bro (Whattup?) Check this out (Whoa)

I ain't walk around with that fool (Why, what happened to that youngsta?)

Man but Will had it comin, ya heard me? (no) He had it comin, bro (no)

You know what I'm sayin, what happenin? (Holla at ya people)

I wasn't even high, though, I wasn't high (no)

Some kinda way, knowhatI'msayin? I'ma get mine (I'm fo sho gon get it)

Gotta pay the bills, bro (Huh, bro?)

I gotta get them meals, you know what I'm sayin? Fo' scheeze (Whoa, now)

I ain't got nuthin to lose (Huh, bro?)

Got what? Everything to gain, you know what I'm sayin?

(Oh, gots to have that there)

Bro, ghetto got me crazy (I feed them children)

Dead, I'm on the run (Huh, bro?) nut I gotta gun

Man, me and Dead Joe, down here actin a donkey (Huh, bro?)

Actin bad, hit three licks today, Third Ward style (uh-huh)

Like P say, I gotta get my cornbread (ohh)

cabbage, and my greens (Oh... oh we gots to get that there)

Yeah you know I'm Tru to this, I mean really, in other words

I ain't got nuttin to lose, ya heard me? (Say that then)

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Master P

Master P
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