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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Bullets Got No Name
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Master P


We got a bag full of bullets in this bitch with no name on them

You know what I'm saying

When you been hit by the bitch

You know it was ment for your punk ass

My nigga Ski whats up

My nigga C whats up

My nigga P whats up

I'm read to tear shit up

Coming straight from the land of the O-A-K

And now listen to Ral, ruler of the bay

No matter where you at, be it rain or snow

On a motel floor with a front row hoe

Partna pull out, get up, I want your undevided

Forget the nut, I got the shit to ride with

Let me tell you bout this little fool I know

He was swift and fast, always on the go

Anybody was his target, just to let you know

To make it blunt, yo this nut was bisexual

He was all about peace, nothin more or less

Always headed for your head, to avoid the vest

He was hollow at the tip, with a metal frame

Get in his way, you're shot on the spot

Cause he has no name

[CHORUS: 4x]

Hollow tips in ya, bang!

So duck when you hear that rat-tat-tat

Cause bullets got no name

Cover your nuts nigga, what the fuck is up nigga

You got your name in my mouth

I got to wash it with the millimeter

95 motherfuckers won't be playing

Bodies will be laying

Cuase motherfuckers keep on playa hating

Run up and get the four-four

Open his chest with the full metal jacket

And put that nigga to rest

I ain't gonna fuck around and play the silly shit

My bullets have no name

So your partners better scatter bitch

So motherfucker now you know I'm from the O

Got niggas from the mobb and some niggas that's doing death row

So think again if you think that you can handle

Get caught up in a motherfuckin 187 gangsta scandle

Kill at rando, here's my motherfuckin anthem nigga

Shoot to kill, cause if you don't, that other nigga will

I check my steel cause I feel the ghetto's trying to kill me

Master P warned a nigga so now I gots the Uzi

Motherfuckers wanta do me

But run up and get some slugs from a nigga

You thought was your homie

Ain't no love in this town huh

So you gonna love the way these slugs travel around huh

Yea, who's the first to bust a cap

I thought you knew nigga

I'm leavin bodies on the ground cold and blue nigga

You fuck around

I'm puttin your ass in the house of pain

Keep your partnas out this shit

This bullet has no name


About yay short, about yay tall

About so big, but had the ball's to kill all ya'll

I represent, the town called the Rich

Where niggas don't give a fuck about you or your bitch

HK's pop, a young nigga drop

2 hours later, here come the fuckin cops

Cause ain't no love in this dope game

Young niggas in my hood losing their life slanging this cocaine

So when you hear that fuckin rata-tat-tat-tat

You better duck or get your motherfuckin cabbage patch

Or lose your shoe, or watch your mama sing the blues

You be the next motherfucker on the 10 O'clock news

Took out the game, I run the game of life

Cause in the ghetto, niggas out to get stripes

Smoke that crank, fermalgahide, and dank

Heroine and crack, and out to do ??

And the music shit don't change

Cuase rappers go to jail or even kill like the dope game

So what's the deal nigga, how you feel nigga

Infa Red and No Limit Records

I mean some real niggas

Done hooked up, out to make some bucks

Off the record, on the record

Master P can back it up

E-40 said 1 Luv

But it's the same shit every state, every city, every club

And every fucking concert

There's either some nigga, some bitch

With a bloody red shirt

Or under the fuckin white sheet

This shit won't change

Cause it'll happen again fuckin next week

And these bullets aint gots no names

And these niggas in my hood wanta live like John Wayne

You got your gat, we got our gats

And we can end this shit in some rata-tat-tat-tata


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Master P
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