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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Locked Up
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Master P

[P] Yo lemme hit that jail one mo' time for these people callin


Prisoner, one-seven-fo'-nine-eight-six, dash-five-oh-fo'

Do you have anything, to say for yo'self before sentencing?

[Master P]

Hehehe, yes!

Nigga I'm a Rottweiler, they call me dawg on the streets

I never leave the house without my hand on my heat

I run with pitbulls, like Kirk, Boz and Jimmy

And we ain't takin shorts, every dollar to the penny

Big cereal - chompin, white granola

Got a bitch uptown with the dope in a baby stroller

Fuck with me, then you fucked in the game

Niggaz snitch to the Feds take two to the brain

We live the thug life, make money from the drug life

Flip a quarter ki, every day all night

Ship me to Oz, I'm still in it

Fuck the haters, No Limit we still winnin

I'm a killer my nigga - fool, check the rap sheet

Murder, armed robbery, kidnappin, conspiracy

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

This is for my niggaz that's locked up (LOCKED UP!)

Gangsters, til they boxed up (BOXED UP!)

Livin the laws, everyday we ready for war

We soldiers.. hard to the core

[Slay Sean ?]

I used to sling rocks, out on blocks, gun cocked

Thinkin to myself - all these dumb-ass cops

Night time I was cold with two things on my mind

Get that money, rock a nigga if he get out of line

Put two in his spine, a nigga just lookin for crime

Heat it up, squeezin off for even lookin at mine

A basket case, tie you up, blast your face

Snatch the safe, closed casket at your wake

Two murders, three-time felon, catch the case

Facin double life I made some bad mistakes

[Short Circuit ?]

Courts, judges, bars, lawyers

Fam-o, wifey, sons, daughters

Freedom, need that, shanks, keep that

Eight o'clock lock y'all know where I be at

Ran 'til I couldn't run the slums with guns

Livin straight wild, knowin how the Jakes gon' come

Too many cats, in my hood, gettin it good

Know what I did, shit they got me facin a bid


[Krazy ?]

Even as a little soldier, momma called me a thug

The block full of dope fiends, lookin for drugs

And I never let the dirty money pass me nigga

No matter how much coke I sold it never last me nigga

They blast me nigga, three niggaz lookin for ki's

Me and my kids duct-taped, layin down on our knees

I said I'd bust them niggaz heads, and believe I did

Now them bitches got me locked down, facin a bid


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Master P
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