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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Bout It, Bout It 2
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Master P

[Intro: Master P] + (Cam'Ron)

Yo Cam, let's flip this thing on these niggaz

Ya'heard me

(Let's do it my nigga)

Well do your dizang

(There's nothin', man)

(Up top, down south, right)

Oh yeah, oh yeah

(We bout it)

Aiight whoadie


Yo, this one here goes out to them boys

That's bout it, bout it

Master P, Cam'Ron

We takin' this from the South to the East


[Cam'Ron]I represent, where them killers at

145th and Broadway you get your head cracked

Get your legs snapped, arm trist, ribs cracked

Wig tapped, play fair day care kids napped

You think you real, well my posse is crazier

Your moms mobbin' and rapin' her, Saudi Arabia

I'm 89 and oh, Audi and eightiers

Beef in N-O I had to call No Limit up

Baby mack baby gat love the way the baby

Got my baby boo, cop the X5, that's a baby truck

Santana rollin' big, Jimmy in the Caddy

Dayton, Youngstown, Cleveland, Cincinnati

In the Double-O I represent the C-O

Please ho, Harlem World forty if that's me, yo

Clipse eleven or bricks get seven off

Snow so white only thing missin' is seven dwarfs

[Hook] [Master P]Killa Cam, you know he bout it, bout it

Jim Jones, you know he bout it, bout it

Freeky Z, you know he bout it, bout it

Santana, that boy bout it, bout it

Harlem World, you know they bout it, bout it

Diplomats, you know they rowdy, rowdy

145th and Broadway, them boys real

You know them boys, they don't play

[Cam'Ron]Aiiyo, I'm bouncin' through an ounce or two

My crib look like the Fountainblue

A fountain too, no water, only pumpin' Mountain Dew

Front on y'all little cats I was bound to do

I made a weird, chickenheads can't pronounce my shoes

I got head but need more mouth

119th to the whorehouse, soon as the tour's out

Papi's rotten, my block top was spoppy poppin'

I pop ack over some oxi cotton

Cotton club and Roxy Robins

Rubies and rocks we poppin'

Booties, oozies and glocks'll stop 'em

Battery on his head, copper top him

When I'm in the building dogg, you got to watch him

Got to spot him tray eight a floor revolver

The D.A., seargent and coroner's problem - now

Highs get eight done, dips that don't play none

Jim Jones, Freeky, Killa and the great one - Santana


[Jim Jones]You know I claim (What you claim?) where them gangstas bang

15th and Lennox, nine tray they do they own thing

In uptown, up on 40 a phat Sean hit the block

Dogg he move that water shit, he like the network

Over wet work, you come up short on that paper get a wet shirt

Then if you walkin' through Foster and Taft

Flossin' that cash and gangstas put the torch to your ass

And I can't forget AK and Wagner

My dogs straight crazy 'cause the AK'll blast ya

One callin' daddy Sheik and Q

LB's and Sally beat your crew, now come on

And dope stacks, right in front the liquor store

Hennesy, lil' me me you know the flipped the raw

Much upset, oh yeah they bout it

16 shots up out the glock I come about it

[Master P]140 Lennox, you know they bout it, bout it

Taliban and up top, you know they rowdy, rowdy

Master P, the New No Limit

You see us hustlas keep it real, that's why we keep winnin'

Blackadome, you know he bout it, bout it

Lucius Sheist, you know they rowdy, rowdy

Gameface on, man we gangstas fo' sho

CP-3 representin' Dirty South, the N-O

C-Murder, hold the block down

We get paper whoadie even on lockdown

ATL, you know they bout it, bout it

Mississippi, Detroit, you know they rowdy, rowdy

L.A., you know they bout it, bout it

Florida and North Carolina, you know they rowdy, rowdy

Oklahoma and Tennessee, Boston and Texas, they B-O-U-T

Seattle bout it, Hawaii rowdy

Alaska, Chicago, I mean they bout it, bout it

Indiana, you know they bout it

St. Louis, Kentucky, you know they rowdy, rowdy

Phoenix bout it, Milwaukee bout it

The N-O to the N-Y, you know we rowdy, rowdy

[Outro][Jim Jones & Master P]Bounce bounce bounce bounce

Bounce bounce bounce bounce

(You know they rowdy, rowdy)

Bounce bounce bounce fool

Bounce bounce bounce bounce

(You know they rowdy, rowdy)

Bounce bounce bounce bounce

Bounce bounce bounce bounce

(You know they rowdy, rowdy)

Bounce bounce bounce fool

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Master P

Master P
"Other Songs - Master P"

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